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Our top trainers

  • Bobby K., Argyle, TX Basketball Coach
    Bobby K.
    Argyle, TX
    $85 /session

    15 years of experience producing NBA, Int'l, NCAA Division I, NJCAA Divi... View profile


    Shooting, Passing, Defense, Rebounding, Post moves, Strength, Attacking the rim, Basket...

  • Melvin M., New York, NY Basketball Coach
    Melvin M.
    New York, NY
    $41 /session

    Has worked at the collegiate level for over 15 years and developed many ... View profile


    Basketball iq, Defense, Dribbling, Explosiveness, Footwork, Jab series, Jumping, Moving...

  • Justin H., Houston, TX Baseball Coach
    Justin H.
    Houston, TX
    $64 /session

    Ranked #1 nationally as a private baseball coach through CoachUp; experi... View profile


    Batting, Bunting, Fielding, Game rules, Hit and run, Hitting, Holding base runners, Lea...

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The Lacrosse Face Off

The lacrosse face off is one of the most important aspects of lacrosse. Lacrosse rules vary across different leagues, but generally face offs occur at the beginning of the game, after halftime, and after each goal. Face offs can decide the outcome of lacrosse games Click to read more

Soccer Training: The Importance of Team Organization

These principles are extremely important and they need to be applied in order to succeed. However, merely applying these principles will not lead to success Click to read more

Central Governor Theory

Most of us are familiar with Aerobic/Cardiovascular model of understanding performance in endurance sports. This is probably the method you used learned in biology, or exercise science, or many other training manuals Click to read more