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Our top Swimming trainers

  • James C., New York, NY Swimming Coach
    James C.
    New York, NY
    $70 /session

    American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor, Former Competitive... View profile


    Freestyle, Technique

  • Tad T., Lakewood, CO Swimming Coach
    Tad T.
    Lakewood, CO
    $68 /session

    During his collegiate years he trained under one of the great swimming c... View profile


    Backstroke, Backstroke flipturns, Breaststroke, Breath holding, Butterfly, Flip turns, ...

  • Priscilla W., Chicago, IL Swimming Coach
    Priscilla W.
    Chicago, IL
    $79 /session

    Coached swimming at Olympic training facilities; stroke and turn swimmin... View profile


    Technique, Starts, Sprinting, Relays, Relay starts, Pulling, Pacing, Open turns (turns ...


Swimming is widely popular as a competitive team sport as well as a form of cardiovascular exercise. Given that it’s a non-impact sport, swimming is perfect for those rehabilitating an injury, or looking to use the water resistance to build muscle strength. It’s never too early (or late) to jump into the pool and learn how to swim, development stroke technique, prepare to join a swim team program, or even train for a triathlon. No matter your level or experience, enlisting a private swimming coach will help you get the most of your swimming training sessions. CoachUp has hundreds of highly qualified swimming coaches located throughout the country to help you reach your swim training goals.

Depending on your experience and goals, your private swim coach can tailor your training swimming lessons. If you are new to swimming, your coach will work with you on the basic strokes: freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Each stroke is unique and requires special attention to breathing technique. For those looking for competitive swim training, your coach can work on racing starts, flip/open turns, pacing, and stroke efficiency. In the event you are looking to focus on or master one particular stroke, like the butterfly, your swimming coach will help you hone in on the small details that yield meaningful results.

CoachUp boasts a large selection of swimming coaches, and all have enjoyed successful competitive careers. Coach Kathleen has over 25 years of coaching experience, and in that time has produced eight Olympians. She was even an assistant swim coach for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For those seeking out a coach to help triathlon training, Coach Medena would be a great choice. As an All American triathlete, with over 8 years of competitive experience, Coach Medena will you get you race day ready!

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