Focused, one-on-one training with elite instructors is the key to succeeding. CoachUp now connects aspiring athletes with golf instructors who turn your weaknesses into strengths, improve your skills, and increase your confidence.

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Our top Golf trainers

Michael G., New York, NY Golf Coach
Michael G.
New York, NY
$68 /session

10+ Years of Coaching Experience


Driving, Chipping, Putting, Flop Shots, Grip, Backswing, Golf rules, Hip Rotation, Mech...

Jesse S., Cambridge, MA Golf Coach
Jesse S.
Cambridge, MA
$72 /session

I am a former Professional and Golf Coach at MIT. I utilize all that sci...


Backswing, Ball above feet shot, Ball below feet shot, Chipping, Draw, Driving, Fairway...

Alissha C., Las Vegas, NV Golf Coach
Alissha C.
Las Vegas, NV
$28 /session

Certified Golf Instructor, excellent at working with youngsters and begi...


Alignment, Backswing, Ball above feet shot, Ball below feet shot, Chipping, Draw, Draw ...

What People Are Saying

Jonathan D. (Boston, MA)
“My son came home from his first few sessions excited, sweaty and tired. When I asked him what he thought of Coach Ryan he said he was thrilled and can’t wait for more sessions!”
Megan H. (New York, NY)
“We were referred to CoachUp by a friend and we’ve been blown away by the results we’ve seen in our daughter’s pitching. We look forward to more success with CoachUp!”
Steven T. (Los Angeles, CA)
“Coach Chandler has been amazing in working with my son to develop his ball handling skills. His confidence has increased, as well as his enjoyment of the game!”
Jennifer P. (San Francisco, CA)
“CoachUp is awesome! My son went from 6th man to his basketball team’s leading scorer and rebounder with the help of coach Mike!”


Its well known that the best way to improve in golf is by working with a pro -- a current or former high-level player who can analyze your swing, break down your body mechanics, and help you develop a sense for the course, and the strategy needed to compete at the next level. Golf is the ultimate sport of skill. Practice alone is insufficient, if your mechanics are off, repetition will only prove detrimental to your game. You need to solidify your core, your balance and your form, swinging through your shots with fluidity. But how do you find a great golf pro to take lessons with? Before CoachUp, you had to belong to a golf club, and you were limited to the few options available at your particular club. To make matters worse, golf lessons were super expensive -- the club would take a large percentage of the overall payment, often as much as sixty percent!

With CoachUp, you can search for a great golf coach in your area, and can train with him or her regardless of whether or not you belong to a club. CoachUp coaches conduct golf lessons at public courses, driving ranges, and private clubs -- because of their knowledge of all the local options, and their reputation as elite private instructors, they are able to ensure that you can practice with them at nearby locations, and provide the best instruction available in your area.

CoachUp golf instructors have played and coached at the highest levels. For instance, Jesse Struebing would be a great choice. Coach Struebing is not only a former pro, but coaches golf at MIT, and specializes in helping players improve particular shots, whether driving off a Tee, hitting from the sand or woods, or putting on the green, as well as the particulars of hand placement, grip, hip rotation, and follow through. And if you are just starting out in golf, Alissha Champagne may be the perfect golf instructor for you. Coach Champagne holds a teaching certificate from the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors, has over twenty years of experience, and enjoys working with younger players on their full swing, pitch and chip shots, and putting technique. Regardless of where you live and your current ability, CoachUp has talented golf instructors that are available to help you achieve your goals. Get started by searching today!

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Playing Golf into the Wind

As a player with an especially high ball flight, wind has always been an enemy of mine. I play a lot of golf in Florida, where the ocean breeze takes a heavy toll on my shots. It had gotten to the point where my golf score was almost directly correlated to how windy it was that day Click to read more

When Playing Into the Wind

When playing into the wind: Set up with your shoulders almost level and tee the ball lower than normal. Resist the urge to swing harder or hit down on the ball; instead, make a three quarter backswing and visualize the clubhead clipping the top of the tee​ Click to read more

Correcting your Golf Slice

One of the most frequent issues that can plague an amateur golfer’s game is the slice shot. A product of a few different bad habits, the slice shot is an obvious error resulting in a ball flight that may start off straight, but quickly turns right (or left if you are a lefty) Click to read more