Word on The Street

Simply put, CoachUp coaching works. Every day, across the country, CoachUp athletes training with CoachUp coaches are learning new moves, polishing up their games, and building their confidence on the court or playing field. They are well on their way to the next level, and the one after that. And they feel great!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what actual parents and athletes using CoachUp are saying:

"In one word, I would describe private coaching as crucial. Although I was gifted athletically, to really bring my skills along I needed someone who would always be there with me, helping me. My coach was always there for me, and that’s something I really appreciate. It’s amazing having that one-on-one time and help on my game, and it’s something I really need now more than ever as a rookie. I definitely share CoachUp’s belief that private coaching can change kids’ lives."

Nerlens Noel, NBA basketball player, Sixth pick in the 2013 NBA draft

"I am very fond of the idea of CoachUp and enthusiastic about it. Anytime you can have extra training, guidance, and help in something that you enjoy doing, and in which you have shown the capacity and desire to improve, it’s a great thing. To have CoachUp as a resource to help you improve is huge. When I was playing as a point guard, my job was to assist and orchestrate. CoachUp is doing that in another form -- assisting young players in their journey to reach the next level. What could be better than that?"

Tommy Amaker, Head Coach, Harvard University Men's Basketball

"There is no substitute for a great private coach — someone who can really teach you the intricacies of the game, and break down the fundamentals that make all the difference. The thing I love about CoachUp is that the coaches are vetted. That fact provides a level of security and takes some concern away. A lot of times, people choose coaches by word of mouth, which is a less reliable approach. The beauty of CoachUp is that the coaches are vetted not just for security issues, but for actually having the skill sets you’re looking for. For instance, maybe you’re a soccer player, and in the off-season you’re feeling kind of burned out in terms of playing the game. You can go to CoachUp and find yourself a personal trainer to just get you into better condition. But if you want to focus on footwork in particular, you can find a good trainer for footwork. It's a great resource for any athlete. I highly recommend CoachUp — it's an excellent choice for any athlete looking to take his or her game to the next level!"

Cam Neely, President of the Boston Bruins, hockey legend, and sports dad

"As the father of two young athletes, I'm constantly searching for quality, driven teachers who can help my boys become the best players they can be. CoachUp enables me to find the instructors that have the specialized knowledge to nurture my sons beyond the basic mechanics they receive in youth leagues. My MLB career was all about hard work, determination, and the influence of a few private coaches that impacted me along the way. CoachUp makes it easy for outstanding coaches and driven players to find each other and thrive together!"

Gabe Kapler, former MLB star, World Series champion, and sports dad

"I've been pleasantly impressed by CoachUp. I would definitely recommend private coaching to other moms, other parents. As a mom, watching the stages of my son's improvement from beginning to now, which is not the end, makes me want to cry, it’s just a wonderful feeling."

JoAnn, CoachUp Parent, Basketball

"My daughter reached a point where she needed more specialized coaching to bring her skills to the next level. CoachUp helped me find the right coach for her, and we've seen a tremendous benefit in both her skills development and confidence on the court as a result of the private coaching. We couldn't be happier with our experience with CoachUp."

Deirdre, CoachUp Parent, Basketball

"Coach Kelsey was very positive and patient with our 12-year-old son. He is very dependable and really loves coaching kids. He also provided instructional information that our son can use when he is practicing on his own. We highly recommend him for private soccer lessons."

Melanie, CoachUp Parent, Soccer

"Larry is a great coach and my son is responding well to him. My son has been playing football for 7 years and is now playing freshman football. He is a very good player but needs work on his speed, footwork and agility training. My son is also lacking confidence. In the two sessions with Larry, I have noticed a more positive attitude in him. I believe with the training from Larry, my son will be able to reach his dream of becoming a professional football player. I look forward to working with Larry for years to come. Larry is a very good fit for my son and I am happy that he is working with him."

Mark, CoachUp Parent, Football

"Thanks for all you did with Shaun at our first meeting; this is the best money I have ever spent on my grandson. Thanks for taking the time to make Shaun feel he is very important."

Mike, CoachUp Grandfather, Baseball

"First time using CoachUp and first time with a personal coach - it couldn't have gone better. Amber knows yoga and is passionate about it. This was my first time practicing yoga. She was patient and understanding. I left hopeful and excited about finally starting my yoga journey. She customized the session just as she told me beforehand during our pre-session conversations on the CoachUp website. Very pleased. Amber responded very quickly and answered all my questions before and during our session. Thank you, Amber, for introducing me to yoga."

Garrett Moore, CoachUp Athlete, Yoga

"Bryan is the best coach I could have asked for at this stage of my swimming development. Not only is Bryan's knowledge of swimming exceptional, he has this unique ability to offer advice particular to the swimmer. His insight is exceptional and he is very good at spotting room for improvement. Perhaps the best thing about coach Bryan is his encouragement on top of his knowledge and superior teaching ability. He is a nurturing force and gives his swimmers the confidence they need to succeed. I highly recommend coach Bryan. 5 stars from me!"

Usman Javaid, CoachUp Athlete, Swimming

"I feel lucky to have found a coach like Matthew for my son. Matthew's workouts are very thorough. His experience and expertise, along with his patience, have helped my son regain a positive attitude toward running and staying fit."

Jamie, CoachUp Parent, Running

"My son had the pleasure of being trained by Coach Deb. Through her knowledge of the game and work ethic, he has become a key basketball player for his current team. You will learn HOW to play the game while having fun doing so! She will help your son or daughter become the player of his or her dreams, and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to be a great player."

Emmy, CoachUp Parent, Basketball

"Coach Pedro is an outstanding coach! His way of teaching is phenomenal! My son has been playing since he was five, and the drills Pedro had my son doing were never taught by any coach. His way of teaching helped my son to understand the mechanics of batting and pitching. My son has been hit over 14 times by the ball. He gave my son back the confidence he needed to be a hitter again. He has this special way of communicating that he wanted to play again. I am so grateful for this and so very thankful for everything Pedro has taught him. More coaches should learn from Pedro. The positive manner in which he teaches is outstanding. The drills he had him do were exactly how someone should be taught. I will be referring Pedro to everyone. My son went from being afraid of batting to hitting a triple last night. Pedro, you should write a book on your ways of teaching for coaches. Thank you, Pedro, for helping my son be a better hitter, protecting himself from a ball, and building his confidence back up."

Ruth, CoachUp Parent, Baseball

"Coach Adrian overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations. He is hands-down the most technical, detailed-focused boxing/mixed-martial-arts striking instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a superb understanding of the body mechanics involved in throwing a punch, boxing/MMA defensive skills, and a bevy of other striking tactics. Even more impressive is his talent for articulating difficult concepts in an easily comprehensible manner to a beginner, while ensuring that the majority of the coaching session is spent physically training (as opposed to discussing theory). Highly recommended!"

Justin, CoachUp Athlete, Boxing