We'll help your child reach the next level

We understand young athletes because we are former athletes, current coaches and parents of young athletes. We know that a child’s success on the field directly translates to increased confidence in school and beyond. We also know what it takes to improve, and we know just how competitive it is at the next level.

Your CoachUp coach will transform your child's game

All coaches on CoachUp have years of experience coaching or playing (or both!) at a high-level, so they know first-hand what it takes to succeed. In your first session your coach will have a discussion with you and your child to better understand your child's athletic aspirations and goals. Your coach will then evaluate your child‘s skill level and design a training plan that will put them on a path to reaching those goals. After each session, your coach will provide feedback and identify the areas your child should focus on before the next training session. Private coaches form a unique relationship with their athletes; unlike team coaches, our coaches’ top priority is to help your child improve.

The benefits will go way beyond sports

Your coach will not only focus on helping your child improve the physical aspects of their game, but also on strengthening their mental and emotional skills, including: focus, resilience, persistence, and discipline. Most importantly, improving through hard work and consistent training will help your child develop enhanced self-confidence and reinforce the belief that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. You may notice your child standing taller, walking prouder, and taking on new challenges at home and at school. What he or she achieves with this newfound confidence may surprise both of you.

And it will be fun!

We often hear from athletes that they learned more in their very first CoachUp session than in entire seasons of team play. That kind of immediate improvement and increased confidence can provide a huge boost to self-esteem. Additionally, our coaches strive to make sure the training is both challenging and enjoyable, helping to ensure that your child stays motivated and excited about their training.

A word on safety

For us, safety always comes first. All CoachUp Coaches have passed a Sex Offender screening and we make it easy for you to purchase an up-to-date criminal background check on any coach. For more information on our safety measures, please see our FAQ.

Let us help you find your perfect coach

Answer some basic questions, and we will recommend the perfect private coach for you.

Our Core Beliefs

Our passion for connecting athletes and coaches is based on three fundamental beliefs:

We're here to assist you

If you need help at any stage in this process, feel free to email us at support@coachup.com or call us at (888) 680-4750. We'll be more than happy to give you a hand or answer any questions you may have.