Why Private Coaching

This is important work. Private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level. It is hands-down the best way to improve in sports. There is no close second.

In the sports world, there’s a lot of noise around performance supplements, expensive camps, and elite shoes. That’s not what we’re about. Want to get better? Work out with someone who has been there, done that. Someone who will push you and help you grow, while teaching you the specific skills, footwork, techniques, and drills that you need to master to get better.

The results are immediate and profound. Again and again, our athletes tell us that they have learned more in a few private coaching sessions than from years of organized sports, or from weeks of expensive camps. The pros all have private coaches, in every sport. For them, it’s not a question of whether private coaching is necessary: it’s the most important part of their training. CoachUp makes it possible for you to have the same secret key to boosting your performance, at a price and location that works for your specific needs.

While private coaching offers powerful benefits for any athlete, those benefits differ somewhat for young athletes as compared with adults.

Private Coaching for Young Athletes:

Private coaching helps kids positively change the trajectory of their lives. It can make a dramatic difference for young athletes, regardless of their skill level, in their development both as athletes and, more importantly, as people. A private coach provides the following opportunities for a young athlete:

  • Discovering potential — Learning to set goals and meet them
  • Getting better at the sport he or she loves, or learning to love a new sport — Getting a leg up on the competition, whether the athlete has been playing the sport for years or is just starting
  • Continuous improvement — Avoiding hitting the dreaded training plateau by working with a coach who knows what needs to be done next
  • Mentorship — Ensuring that the athlete is getting the help and personal attention he or she needs to reach the next level in sports + life
  • Increased learning — Opening his or her mind to new strategies for identifying what needs to be done in different situations
  • Successful experiences — Leading the team to victories, playoffs, and championships
  • Building confidence — Setting measurable goals, and nailing them; seeing himself or herself improve dramatically
  • Increased health and overall fitness – Making himself or herself stronger, quicker, more flexible, better conditioned, and mentally tougher

Private Coaching for Adult Athletes:

For adults, private coaching can provide a needed mental break from work and the stress of daily life, like going to the gym, but without the monotony of most gym workouts. In addition, a private coach is the best way to increase an adult’s skill level in any sport. Enhanced skill will lead to years of enjoyable experiences in adult sports leagues or other competitions, such as marathons, bike races, triathalons, and tennis, squash, and golf tournaments.

Although most CoachUp coaches focus their profiles on their work helping younger athletes, just about all our coaches will gladly provide private coaching sessions with adults as well.

Find A Coach

"If you don’t have the right coach, you really aren’t going to enjoy the lesson, you’re not going to be as receptive, and you won’t get much better... if you do find the right coach though, like I did for squash, every single time you go to a lesson you will be so determined to learn and get better, you will enjoy it and love it, and the results you will love even more."

Jake Atwood, CoachUp athlete