What is CoachUp?

CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private sports coaches for one-on-one and small group training. Our mission is to help athletes reach the next level in sports + life.

With over 12,000 coaches in over 30 sports, from basketball to yoga, CoachUp is the nation’s leading private coaching company. CoachUp was founded by Jordan Fliegel, Arian Radmand and Gabe Durazo. The company headquarters is located in the Innovation District of Boston, Massachusetts.

Expert Speakers

John John Kelley, CoachUp CEO

Expertise areas:

  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Corporate vs. startup culture
  • Building trust in teams

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Jordan Jordan Fliegel, CoachUp Founder & President

Expertise areas:

  • Start-up fundraising, hiring and growth
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports coaching
  • Trends in the sports technology industry

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Speaking Experience

Press Contact:

Tarah Novak

Learn how to apply the benefits of private coaching to your entire life

"Coaching Up! is about inspiring those who matter to you to achieve peak performance. Whether you are a coach, a business leader, a civic activist, a teacher, a counselor, or a parent, this book will offer you a powerful, highly effective way to connect to the people you care about…"

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