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Our top Tennis trainers

  • Rafal K., Aurora, CO Tennis Coach
    Rafal K.
    Aurora, CO
    $68 /session

    I owned a Private Tennis School "AS" for 6 years and trained/develop a... View profile


    Footwork, Forehand, Groundstrokes, Serve, Tennis etiquette, Backhand, Slice, Topspin

  • Jonathan N., Radnor, PA Tennis Coach
    Jonathan N.
    Radnor, PA
    $77 /session

    A very excellent teaching Tennis Professional and excellent team co... View profile


    Backhand, Backspin, Drop shot, Footwork, Forehand, Groundstrokes, Half volley, Lob, Ser...

  • Randall C., San Francisco, CA Tennis Coach
    Randall C.
    San Francisco, CA
    $50 /session

    4.5 Ranking 15 Years Playing Experience. College Training Class 5 Coa... View profile


Signing up for tennis lessons is the best way to dramatically improve your forehand, backhand, and footwork. It’s a great game to start at any age, and it’s the type of sport that requires focused development of technical, physical, and mental techniques. Luckily, there are hundreds of tennis instructors on CoachUp located throughout the country that develop specific tennis skills. We care about the caliber of the instructors featured on CoachUp.com, and each coach has gone through a thorough vetting process.

Whether you are new to tennis, looking to improve your game, or wanting sharpen your skills, CoachUp has a large selection of coaches that can cater to your goals. If you’re picking up a racket for the first time, it’s important to learn the basics of the forehand stroke. By mastering the forehand, you it will create a solid foundation for the rest of your game. Once you are comfortable swinging the racket, you will want to develop a powerful serve. A coach can help you focus on the basics like body position, racket grip, and overall form. If are looking to elevate your game, a tennis coach will be able improve the accuracy of your serve. With time, practice, and focused training you will see measurable results. No matter your skill level, you will always want to be improving you hand-eye coordination, balance and agility.

The coaches on CoachUp will be able to elevate your tennis training, because they have an in-depth knowledge of the game. Many are current or former professional tennis players that played at the collegiate level. If you are new to tennis, Coach Marina not only played at the college Division I and professional level, but she holds a USPTA certification. Her expertise would the novice tennis player with developing their forehand, backhand, and basic footwork. Former USTA competitor, Coach Doug, is both a USPTA Master and PTR International Master Professional. His coaching expertise is ideal for those looking to add velocity to their serve and improve their game strategy. No matter which coach you choose, we guarantee your experience will be positive, fun, and educational!

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