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Our top Baseball trainers

  • Justin H., Houston, TX Baseball Coach
    Justin H.
    Houston, TX
    $50 /session

    Ranked #1 nationally as a private baseball coach through CoachUp; experi... View profile


    Batting, Bunting, Double steal, Double suicide bunt, Fielding, Game rules, Head first s...

  • Matthew R., South Pasadena, CA Baseball Coach
    Matthew R.
    South Pasadena, CA
    $38 /session

    Coaches based on principles learned as a hitting instructor at the Ken G... View profile


    Pitching, Throwing, Hitting, Batting, Hit and run

  • David K., Celebration, FL Baseball Coach
    David K.
    Celebration, FL
    $27 /session

    Thirty one years of baseball experience domestic and international - for... View profile


    Throwing, Tagging up, Suicide bunt, Stealing, Sliding, Safety bunt, Sacrifice bunt, Run...


As “America’s National Pastime” baseball has always been widely popular among the youth sports landscape. While typically played in the spring and summer months, more and more indoor facilities are making year round baseball training accessible. One of the best and fastest ways to become a better hitter, pitcher, fielder, and all around player is to work with a private baseball coach. CoachUp has a wide selection of high-quality coaches across the country that can help bring your baseball training to another level.

There are a lot of positions in baseball that require specific skills, but there are common ones that every player needs to have. For those that are new to baseball, and have not yet identified which position they want to specialize in, a private coach can train you in the fundamentals of the game like hitting, throwing, catching, and how to run the bases. As you progress with your training and identify a position to focus on, a specialized coach can help you improve. If you’re interested in being a pitcher, a pitching coach can help improve your repertoire of pitches, pitching velocity, and arm strength. From the offensive perspective, a hitting coach can dramatically improve your overall performance at the plate. Small tweaks like changing your grip on the bat, hip rotation, and following through on your swing really matter!

All of the baseball coaches featured on CoachUp are veterans of the game, and have played at the minimum of the collegiate level. Among them is Coach Jake, a Franklin and Marshall College alum, and former head coach at Boston University. As a former catcher, Coach Jake understands the roles and responsibilities of every position on the field, and how to control the tempo of the game. CoachUp even has former MLB pitchers like Coach Ryan that can translate his professional experience to his coaching.

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