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Justin H., Houston, TX Baseball Coach
Justin H.
Houston, TX
$71 /session

Ranked #1 nationally as a private baseball coach through CoachUp; experi...


Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

Matthew R., Glendale, CA Baseball Coach
Matthew R.
Glendale, CA
$40 /session

Coaches based on principles learned as a hitting instructor at the Ken G...



Nicolas B., New York, NY Baseball Coach
Nicolas B.
New York, NY
$53 /session

Former Collegiate and Minor League Player/Coach with extensive coaching ...


Baserunning, Fielding, Hitting

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Once a shy kid who doubted his own abilities, Albert started working on his fundamentals with Coach Flores and has matured into a confident individual both on the field and in the classroom.

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Cathy N. (Irvine, CA)
“Coach Bryan teaches concepts in easy to apply manner. His explanation of pitching form was fun and something my son easily remembers. He says to rate Coach Bryan a million!!!”
Kevin F. (Lemont, IL)
“Coach Justin was outstanding. He was very good with my son. As a coach myself, it was great to have things shown to Jake that I had missed. Great experience!”
Milton H. (Lafayette, LA)
“Coach Randy was great!! It was my son's first session with Coach Randy and he learned more in that session on the mechanics of hitting and throwing then he has his whole baseball career.”
Terry W. (Kingsport, TN)
“Great coach. He is very knowledgeable about baseball and he can break it down for you too. Really improved his batting average and reignited his love of the game.”


As “America’s National Pastime,” baseball remains widely popular within our youth sports landscape. While typically played in the spring and summer months, indoor facilities are now starting to make year-round baseball training a reality. One of the best and fastest ways to become a better hitter, pitcher, and fielder is to work with a baseball coach. CoachUp has a wide selection of high-quality baseball instructors across the country that will take your training to Another Level ™.

Each position in baseball is unique, however there are common skills -- hitting, bunting, fielding, throwing, and base running -- that every player needs to develop. For those that are new to the game, and have not yet identified their position, a private instructor can help you learn the fundamentals of the game. As you progress with your training and identify your strongest position, a pitching or hitting coach is a great investment to make. A pitching coach will help you improve your repertoire of pitches, pitching velocity, arm strength, and required mental approach to the art of pitching. In today’s game, every baseball player needs to be a great hitter, and there is no other way to see dramatic improvement outside of working with a hitting coach. A great hitting coach will improve your overall performance at the plate, give you tremendous technique, and make sure that you master your hitting stance and swing through repetition and small corrections. Small tweaks like changing your grip on the bat, properly aligning your wrists, and powerfully rotating your hips, can make all the difference in your batting average, and the level of play you are ultimately able to reach.

All of the baseball instructors featured on CoachUp are veterans of the game, and have played in college or in the pros, or have coached at the high school, collegiate or professional level. Among them is Coach Walter, a Franklin and Marshall College alum, and former head coach at Boston University. As a former catcher, Coach Walter understands the roles and responsibilities of every position on the field, and how to control the tempo of the game. CoachUp even has hundreds of baseball coaches with experience in the big leagues -- like Coach Powell -- who are able to translate their professional experience to coaching. Regardless of your age, position, or skill level -- from a kid in Little League just starting out, to a professional player looking to gain an edge in their off-season training -- CoachUp is the ultimate resource for baseball instruction. Get started by booking a great CoachUp private coach today, and you will be on your way to taking your baseball skills to Another Level™.

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