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Personalized one-on-one instruction is the secret to improved skills and increased confidence. CoachUp now makes it affordable and convenient for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

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“Just Shoot” — A CoachUp success story

Meet David, a young basketball player who was reluctant to shoot in games. His mom recognized her son's need for skill development and hired Coach Anthony through CoachUp to provide basketball specific, one-on-one coaching.

After a month, David's overall game has improved and better yet, his increased confidence has led to better performance in the classroom. Watch the video to see how Coach Anthony helped David reach Another Level™.

Tips from our Baseball Instructors

BULL PENS (are for catchers too)

BULL PENS (are for catchers too). An excellent opportunity to practice and refine your Receiving and Blocking skills is working in the bullpen, with live pitching. As pitchers work out of the Windup and set/ stretch positions, catchers too shoul... Read more »

Pitching Drills: Long Toss

Young pitchers are always looking for pitching workouts to increase velocity. There are other important elements for pitching success, but velocity is the easiest way to get noticed by a scout or college coach for any high school baseball player. ... Read more »

Baseball Tips: Making Sense of the Infield Fly Rule

Imagine the following scenario. There are runners on first and second with only one out. The batter hits a pop fly in fair territory that the third baseman could catch easily. The runners on first and second wait to tag up on the bases. The third ... Read more »