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I have been involved in baseball for 60 years. As a player, coach and an umpire. I LOVE TEACHING THE GAME I LOVE. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Marc. 75 minute session length

Session Length: 75 minutes

$144 3 sessions ($48/ea) + applicable fees

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1 session package with Coach Marc. 75 minute session length

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$50 1 session + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Marc. 75 minute session length

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  • 29 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Catcher, Pitcher, Outfield

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • 29 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Catcher, Pitcher, Outfield

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach Marc

My goals are to teach my players the intricacies of all aspects of the game of baseball, not only the physical game but more importantly the mental game. The game within the game ( pitching ). To impart life learned wisdom to my students/athletes. To explain, its not about the 3 hits in 10 ABs but how you handle the 7 outs you made. I LOVE TO TEACH THE GAME I LOVE.


Coach up instructor 2013- present
Youth Development Institute 3/2010 to 2013 Phoenix, AZ Position of youth care worker. Responsible for the wellbeing of at risk youth, ages 12 to 18
Independence High School 2000-2005, San Jose, CA Head Baseball Coach. Overseeing 3 teams, Freshman, Frosh/Soph and Varsity. Responsible for purchasing equipment, field up keep/improvements, scheduling game/tournaments for 3 teams, fundraising and anything to improve the program
San Jose Giants BP pitcher 1999-2005 Single A affiliate San Francisco Giants
San Jose Police Dept. Police Olympic Games, 2001, San Jose, CA Head Baseball Coach. Silver Medal Winners
Piedmont Hills High School 1995-2000, San Jose, CA Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach Piedmont Hills High School Head Baseball Coach Frosh/Soph Piedmont Hills High School Baseball Team 1997-1999 CCS Title 1998 Assistant Frosh/Soph Coach 1995-1996
Star Maker Baseball Academy 2002-2004, Belmont, CA Instructor/Head Pitching Coach, Coached 12 year old and 16 year old tournament teams
Berryessa Little League, San Jose, CA Active Little League Coach from 1984-1998 Board Member 1986-1990 Chief Umpire 1988-1992
Fermar Corporation 1990-1994, Santa Clara, CA High School and Junior College Umpire
Current Arizona fingerprint Card
First Aid and CPR certified

I would love to cover any aspect of baseball, offense, defense base running. but my first love has always been pitching. I love the game within the game. I will cover all aspects of pitching. Teaching the younger players how to throw a change up. Most of all I will listen to the players and work on whatever they deem necessary. As the lessons go on I will give my opinion on what I think needs work.
As my resume shows I have years of experience in baseball and would love to share my knowledge of the game. When we meet you can ask me about my playing experience.
Last I would be happy to come to you for lessons in the west valley of the Phoenix area

When we meet, if you want you can ask about my playing career. It was a long time ago but I have played with some of the top pro's in baseball.

There is no such thing as a typical 1 on 1 lesson because every player has different needs. I will listen to what the player thinks he needs to work on and after a short workout give the player my assessment of his skill level. The session would be based on the assessment and the conversation.

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Client Reviews

Great coach, I would highly recommend coach Marc.

(no details provided)

We have an 11 year old son, and Marc is able to relate and communicate very well with. We’ve noticed a lot more confidence in our son when comes to his approach and playing the game!

Attention to detail. Excellent!

Coach Marc was amazing! My son connected with him instantly and he was really great with him. My son is 10, and he is looking forward to his next session. I truly feel coach Marc is going to really help my son tremendously. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a private baseball coach.

Coach Marc is great. He is very encouraging, while not babying. Our son is learning more in these sessions than in the last few rec league seasons combined.

(no details provided)

Marc is awesome. He really knows how to connect with athletes, find their level of experience through close evaluation and then helps them improve upon their skills. My son looks forward to sessions. Best coach in Surprise.

(no details provided)

Mark is a great coach! We have seen a massive improvement with our son. He makes training fun and rewarding while also instilling accountability by making our son responsible for his activities and gear.

My son is already 4 sessions in with Coach Marc and I couldn’t be happier with his coaching style. Aside from being completely knowledgeable in baseball and displaying a true passion for the sport, he is on time to every practice and very responsive. He has taken time to talk after the lessons about improvements and what my son needs to focus on improving. He is a motivator and great coach and my son respects him and appreciates his candor. My son has improved by leaps and bounds already and we will definitely continue lessons. Thanks Coach Marc!

Coach Marc was very knowledgeable, my son liked that Coach Marc was very detailed, and quizzed him in the different scenarios he was teaching. He's looking forward to his upcoming sessions.

My son, Tyler, is 10 - he hasn’t played baseball on a team yet, and Coach Marc has been incredible for him! He is patient, pushes Tyler ti work on all the fundamentals. Tyler loves going to his coaching sessions! Highly recommend Coach Marc!

Marc was incredible with my son. He built a great rapport with him to where my son would ask “when do I train with Coach Marc again?” By the end of our session package I noticed an increase in my sons confidence at bat, his swing changed for the better, and he was a better fielder and all around ball player. We would absolutely recommend Marc to anyone who asked. Thanks for everything!

Coach Marc is absolutely wonderful! My 10 year old son enjoys Coach Marc and is learning things I nor his little league coach could ever teach him. I booked three sessions to begin, and just booked another five. Coach Marc is patient, friendly, personable, and an extremely knowledgeable coach. He knows his stuff!! Thanks for being so amazing!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Marc is amazing! My 11 yr old literally has never played and wanted to play with his middle school team and Coach has been so great getting him up to speed. He's patient and educational and pushes him to rise to the occasion. We will continue to sign up with him!

Great coach! Super motivating and has helped my 15 year old sharpen his skills and gain confidence!

I was looking for the right person to coach my twin 9-year old boys. Coach Marc teaches the fundamentals of baseball, while mixing up targeted drills that scaffold over time. I really enjoy that he stresses a serious approach, while offering constructive criticism to correct mistakes in real time. I would recommend anyone looking for instant improvement to work with Coach Marc. I look forward to continuing to see my boys grow and become better players. Coach Marc is awesome and a perfect fit for my kiddos!

Coach Marc has given my son great knowledge in mechanics and the mental side of pitching. My son is very happy with the Coach and has a good time at the lessons. I would definitely recommend him to our friends.

My son loved his intro session with Coach Marc. Expectations are high but so is the energy Coach Marc brings. My eleven year old can’t wait for his next lesson.

Coach Marc is awesome! He has a great understanding of the game and has really focused on how to work with my son individually by figuring out his personality. He has been very patient as well. My son has improved tremendously after just a few lessons and really enjoys working with him. I highly recommend coach Marc for your coaching needs.

Coach Marc has been great for my son. His eye for details and technique have helped my child improve. My son likes his training sessions and looks forward to them. I highly recommend Coach Marc to anyone.

Patient, positive, and extremely knowledgeable.

Coach was great

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great Coach!!!! My boys really liked him and I know there going to improve from his coaching. Definitely keeping him as my sons coach!!!

Thank you, Sammie

My Son improved his swing and learned new mechanics for pitching as well. I was genuinely impressed with Marc and we have 2 more sessions! We’re excited to see his improvements in the game!

Coach Marc was so great with our son! He was friendly and good natured, but also set high expectations and took his training seriously. Our son loved it and had a great time, but more importantly took away some great instruction. We’ll be signing up for more lessons!

Coach Marc did a nice job with my son. He keeps the lessons light hearted but packed with lots of information without being overwhelming. What I like the most is he doesn’t try and change too much the first few times. My son wants confused and overwhelmed at all and wants to do more classes with Marc!

Marc really knows his stuff!. Having an 8 year old I was hesitant because I know 1st hand how frustrating it can be. However, Marc was awesome at keeping him focused, having fun and never once getting frustrated. I instantly found out how little I knew about teaching baseball and my son is a better player after just 2 sessions.

Thanks Coach Marc,

Jesse L.

Thank you Coach Marc! Cole really Respects you. He wants to improve! He gets excited for his lessons!

Coach Marc has been amazing with our son Tanner from the very 1st lesson!. Tanner looks forward to his time spent with Coach Marc & his instructions. Tanner has said to me several times after his games how he used the instruction from Coach Marc in different situations in the game! I thought that was awesome!!
His hitting & fielding has improved greatly since starting with Marc. Tanners overall knowledge of the game & how to play it the right way is a night & day difference since his first lesson with Coach Marc. Not only is Coach Marc a great instructor . He is a great man who cares about your kid. He wants to teach them the best way to play the game he loves! He is also very patient & flexible with scheduling lessons!!

Just had our first lesson and I thoroughly enjoy Marc’s coaching style. I’m excited for my son to improve his pitching skills and I feel Marc will be the perfect coach to bring him to the next level.

Marc is a great coach and very knowledgeable!!

Coach Marc is very good at what he does. My 9 year old son started he’s new baseball season being very hesitant. Coach Marc has meet with him 3 times and I have already seen a huge improvement. His confidence has grown in only 3 sessions. My son is very happy and loves to meet with Coach Marc!! Coach Marc is disciplined but also has a scene of humor with my son. My son and I would recommend Coach Marc to anyone!!

My 10 year old son enjoyed his first lesson today. He is very excited about all the things he learned and looking forward the next session with coach Marc.

Update: My son has had total of 5 lessons with Coach Marc so far. We have seen improvements in certain skills, especially his hitting accuracy. Coach Marc emphasized the importance of the fundamentals of baseball and introduced the mental portion of the game to my 10 year old. Each lesson was personalized for him and the contents/ drills were easy to understand. We also appreciated that he came to watch my son play at the baseball game earlier this week.

(no details provided)

Coach Marc worked very well with my son in catching drills as well as hitting drills. My son is ready for his next session and we are very pleased. Thanks Coach.

(no details provided)

My husband and I were very impressed with Coach Marc. He was great with our 10 year old son who was a bit shy in the beginning of his lesson but he quickly loosed up with Coach Marc's wit and encouragement. Coach Marc explained some of the fundamentals our son was lacking and the reason behind them which we thought was excellent. He kept our son's interest the entire practice by switching things up and keeping it interesting. You can definitely tell that Marc has a passion for the game and teaching. We have already booked our next sessions!

My boys have had a positive experience with Coach Marc. Their pitching has improved tremendously and he’s helped them with hitting as well. Last week he had the boys doing an outfield drill that kept them engaged, having fun and learning! My boys always tell me how much fun their session was and how they feel like they’re improving. We’ll definitely continue to have Coach Marc assist with our baseball needs!

We just had our first session with Marc. My son enjoyed the lesson and is looking forward to the next one. I look forward to future lessons and watching my sons game improve.

Coach Marc was very responsive and easy to schedule. He communicated in advance with us about what we were trying to accomplish so that he could make best use of his time during our session. During our first session, Coach Marc quickly developed a positive rapport with our 11-year old son - encouraging him, explaining the purpose of certain drills, and identifying ways our son could improve. We definitely felt that the time during the session was well spent and served to keep our son feeling good about baseball and his ability to contribute to his team.

Coach Marc has extensive background knowledge in pitching, batting, fielding, and baseball strategies. He is always prepared and has a variety of different training exercises to help a player develop and improve their baseball skills. He quickly established a good report with my son and immediately began assisting my son in improving on his pitching and batting. After just the first few lessons with coach Marc my son is already pitching and batting better and with more confidence.

I highly recommend Marc, as he has improved my 7 yr. old sons fundamentals in every area of the game. These are the same fundamentals that build foundations for success. He does not run through one drill to the next...repetition. Very good with kids, and asks questions ensuring they remember what he has discussed with them. Very reasonable, especially for the amount of time spent with the player. We look forward to working and improving with Coach Marc!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

(no details provided)

Marc was excellent with my overly smart 10 year old boy. He figured him out right away and had my boy teach him what he was just coached. Marc did that throughout the entire session. Coach Marc had my son throwing strikes by the end of the first 75 minute session which our coach last year and myself could not do for the entire last season of Little League! Sometimes you need to back away as a father and admit your son can learn better from someone else and Marc was the coach for the job! I highly recommend him!

I cannot say enough good about Coach Marc! We had him work with our 10 year old son, and not only did he help correct mistakes my son was making, but he did so in a positive manner. My son walked away from each coaching session feeling more confident in himself and his skills as a player. As parents we were very impressed with his ability to connect with our son and help him do the things others had tried to teach. He is very good at what he does and we plan on keeping coach Marc in our back pocket :)

Coach Marc was very helpful for me as a collegiate athlete. He understands the game very well and offered helpful mechanical adjustments in my swing. He also took the time from his day to watch my At Bat's in a game situation. After the game we had a practice and found new drills to improve upon based on my in game swings. He loves the game and is perfect for baseball players of any age. Be ready to work hard and give it 100% when you work with Coach Marc.

(no details provided)

Marc was great! He really helped me learn some great skills that I can pass on to my team. It really pays to know what to look for. I learned great drills for the kids today and drills for the future as the kids advance. If you need help with your baseball skills or teaching others how to play…Marc is your guy. Thank you Marc!

Coach Marc helped my son in catching and hitting. Will continue to use him and watch my son getting better everyday

Coach Marc was so patient. One on one coaching helped my son not only physically and tenique but also mentally.

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