CoachUp Background Checks

The quality of CoachUp Coaches is our top concern. Our coaches have extensive experience competing and coaching at a high level in their sport. Beyond our coaches' elite athletic and coaching qualifications, CoachUp also requires every coach on our platform to pass a background check process, ensuring that CoachUp is a safe and secure marketplace.

Starting 07/06/2016 all new Coaches joining CoachUp must pass an Identification Check, Basic Background Check as well as a Sex Offender screening.

Identification Check

An Identification Check matches an individual's SSN number with their name and date of birth to validate that the identity is valid and genuine. It also provides a full record of the individual's address history which can be used to run a Comprehensive Background Check.

Basic Background Check

A Basic Background Check is a National Criminal Check that draws from over 500 million records from thousands of jurisdictions extracted from state and county courthouses. This is a basic check and only includes the state and counties that report to the national database. It is not a complete database.

Sex Offender Check

A Sex Offender Check identifies applicants who are listed on a nationwide or state Sex Offender registry. These registries assemble information about persons convicted of sexual offenses for law enforcement and public notification purposes.

Coaches that joined CoachUp prior to 07/06/2016 passed a comparable sex offender check at the time they signed up. Starting in 2017, all coaches, regardless of when they sign up, will be required to renew the Identification Check, Basic Background Check and Sex Offender Check on an annual basis to maintain their CoachUp accounts.

Comprehensive Background Check (available at an additional cost)

A Comprehensive Background Check includes the Basic Background Check as well as a detailed check which searches county-level databases for criminal records based on the individual's current and previous addresses.