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Our top Yoga trainers

  • Alex D., San Juan Capistrano, CA Yoga Coach
    Alex D.
    San Juan Capistrano, CA
    $80 /session

    Practicing yoga for 15 years and 200 hour yoga teacher certified View profile


    Flexibility, Balance, Breathing techniques, Core strength, Peace of mind

  • Trang H., Santa Monica, CA Yoga Coach
    Trang H.
    Santa Monica, CA
    $43 /session

    200 Hour YTT Internationally Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Helping you fi... View profile


    Balance, Breathing techniques, Core strength, Flexibility, Peace of mind, Back pain man...

  • Burcu G., Fairview, NJ Yoga Coach
    Burcu G.
    Fairview, NJ
    $56 /session

    Certified yoga teacher with experience across many different branches an... View profile


    Back pain management, Balance, Breathing techniques, Core strength, Flexibility, Focus,...


Yoga is widely practiced by individuals of various ages and fitness levels, and the classical techniques of yoga date back over 5,000 years. There are dozens of variations and forms of yoga in existence today, but all focus on exercise, breathing, and meditation. Top-notch athletes turn to yoga to increase flexibility, build muscle strength, improve balance, and prevent injuries. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to reap the countless health benefits yoga offers. Thousands of people have credited yoga for easing back pain, strengthening their core muscles, aligning their posturing, and an outlet for relaxation. CoachUp boasts a wide selection of accredited yoga instructors across the country that you can choose from.

Working with a private yoga instructor is a great way to introduce yourself to yoga, elevate your current practice, or add as supplemental to your fitness training. No matter your physical fitness level or familiarity with yoga, there is a form or style to fit your needs. One of the most popular styles of yoga is Hatha; a gentle introduction to the most basic postures (also known as “asanas”) and breathing techniques. In Hatha yoga, you won’t necessarily work up a sweat, but rather walk away feeling improved flexibility, increased relaxation, and firm understanding of the most basic poses. If you want to explore a more challenging form of yoga then pairing up with a instructor that has a background in Vinyasa yoga would be ideal. The Vinyasa style is known for having a movement-intensive flow. Vinyasa focuses on linking your breathing as you move from pose to pose.

The yoga coaches available on CoachUp have studied many of the different variations of the practice and have a solid understanding of movement science. Coach Trang, is a 200 Hour YTT Internationally Certified teacher that specializes in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. She likes to work with students with various backgrounds, and has extensive experience modifying each pose to fit your body, and avoid injury. Coach Ashley is also well versed in Vinyassa Flow, but also practices Power yoga. With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Coach Ashley specializes in training those looking to improve their fitness level. For a full listing of the top yoga instructors in your area, visit CoachUp.com!

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