Reach Another Level™ with a private Yoga coach

Personalized one-on-one instruction is the secret to improved skills and increased confidence. CoachUp now makes it affordable and convenient for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

How CoachUp Works

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“Just Shoot” — A CoachUp success story

Meet David, a young basketball player who was reluctant to shoot in games. His mom recognized her son's need for skill development and hired Coach Anthony through CoachUp to provide basketball specific, one-on-one coaching.

After a month, David's overall game has improved and better yet, his increased confidence has led to better performance in the classroom. Watch the video to see how Coach Anthony helped David reach Another Level™.

Tips from our Yoga Instructors

Yoga Leads to Your Dreams

I am living proof that your yoga practice can be the catalyst to fulfilling ALL of your dreams! One of my biggest dreams came true as I drove into NYC to move into my new home! My amazing 34th floor apartment looks out over south Manhattan w... Read more »

Yoga, from Start to Finish(Line)

This summer, my friends and I completed the Cohasset Triathlon: an hour and a half (give or take) race featuring an open-water swim, bike, and run. With 1,100 participants, this race attracts both first-timers and elite racers from across the cou... Read more »