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Our top Fitness trainers

  • Walter D., Arnold, MD Fitness Coach
    Walter D.
    Arnold, MD
    $26 /session

    Fitness, Health, and Wellness Professional View profile


    Back squat, Bench press, Clean and jerk, Core conditioning, Deadlift, Explosiveness, Fl...

  • Paris D., Oak Park, IL Fitness Coach
    Paris D.
    Oak Park, IL
    $30 /session

    Has trained NFL, overseas, college, high school, and grade school athletes View profile


    Core conditioning

  • Stefanie H., Detroit, MI Fitness Coach
    Stefanie H.
    Detroit, MI
    $54 /session

    I graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Sports Med... View profile

Personal Training and Fitness

Are you looking for a personal trainer? Well look no further! CoachUp provides you with a platform to meet thousands of trainers across the nation. Personal trainers can help you stay motivated and get the most out of your workouts. Our trainers have an extensive knowledge of physical fitness, and will provide a variety of different fun and effective methods to train. Additionally, they will work with you to meet your goals whether that be to gain muscle, strength training, or just lose a couple of pounds.

Physical fitness is extremely important and can help with maintaining proper joint and bone health in your later years. However, many who attend the gym frequently do not train in a healthy manner, which can lead to lifelong injuries. Working with a personal trainer is a great way to train properly and in a way that is customized for your body. Our trainers can improve your conditioning, assist with weight loss and nutrition, or even help with bodybuilding.

CoachUp features a number of coaches, such as Paris Davis, who have worked with professional athletes. Davis has trained a range of athletes from grade school to the NFL and provides consulting for dieting (https://www.coachup.com/coaches/parisd-2) as well. His specialization is in muscle confusion, which includes changing workouts every two weeks so that the muscles have a hard time adapting. This is a great way to build strength effectively and quickly. If you are looking for more of a rehabilitative experience, Stefanie Heyser, who has a degree in sports medicine and has specialized in building out personal rehabilitation (https://www.coachup.com/coaches/stefanieh-2) programs and sport specific programs is the right coach for you. Check out these elite track and field coaches and more and start training today.

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