Focused, one-on-one personal training with elite instructors is the key to getting fit. CoachUp now connects individuals with personal trainers and fitness coaches who can help you lose weight, get back in shape and most importantly, be healthy.

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Our top Fitness trainers

Chaim A., Boston, MA Fitness Coach
Chaim A.
Boston, MA
$67 /session

Trainer with Coachup since 2012. Have trained 40 athletes here and have...


Back Squat, Balance, Core Conditioning, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Lower body strength...

Paris D., Maywood, IL Fitness Coach
Paris D.
Maywood, IL
$32 /session

Has trained NFL, overseas, college, high school, and grade school athletes


Core Conditioning

Kashif R., Leesport, PA Fitness Coach
Kashif R.
Leesport, PA
$46 /session

Certified Fitness & Sports Trainer / Speed and Agility Trainer with over...


Back Squat, Balance, Bench Press, Core Conditioning, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Front ...

We're so confident in the quality of our coaches that we stand behind them with our Good Fit Guarantee, a 100% money-back guarantee on every private coaching session booked on CoachUp.

A Change in Trajectory

A CoachUp success story

As a senior in high school, Aliyah had never played lacrosse nor planned on attending college. But after a year training with Coach Cristina, she's now playing DII Lacrosse on a full scholarship.

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What People Are Saying

Jonathan D. (Boston, MA)
“My son came home from his first few sessions excited, sweaty, and tired. When I asked him what he thought of Coach Ryan, he said he was thrilled and can't wait for more sessions!”
Megan H. (New York, NY)
“We were referred to CoachUp by a friend and we\’ve been blown away by the results we've seen in our daughter's pitching. We look forward to more success with CoachUp!”
Steven T. (Los Angeles, CA)
“Coach Chandler has been amazing in working with my son to develop his ball handling skills. His confidence has increased, as well as his enjoyment of the game!”
Jennifer P. (San Francisco, CA)
“CoachUp is awesome! My son went from 6th man to his basketball team\’s leading scorer and rebounder with the help of coach Mike!”

Personal Training and Fitness

Are you looking for a personal trainer? We make it easy! CoachUp is a platform with thousands of vetted personal trainers for you to choose from. Personal trainers will help you stay motivated and get the most out of your workouts. Our trainers have an extensive knowledge of physical fitness, and will provide a variety of different fun and effective methods to train for any event or goal that you may have. CoachUp clients train with our coaches for a wide variety of goals, ranging from learning proper technique, to gaining muscle, losing weight, getting in shape for an upcoming season, and preparing for competitions.

Physical fitness is extremely important. For instance, did you know that strength training will help you maintain proper joint and bone health in your later years? Training with proper technique will help you reach your goals, reduce stress, and stay injury free. However, without the help of a personal trainer, you will not only fail to get the most out of your workouts, but you risk doing extreme damage to your body through improper form, lack of proper rest or diet, or overexertion. Working with a personal trainer is a great way to train properly, in a manner that is customized for your body and preparation. Best of all, when you work with a CoachUp coach you save a huge amount of money. When you book a personal trainer at your gym, the gym takes a 50-70% markup on top of what they pay that trainer for your sessions! Because CoachUp is an internet company, and we want to make personal training affordable for you, our fees are significantly reduced, saving you anywhere from $30-50 per session when you train with a CoachUp Coach!

CoachUp features a number of coaches, such as Paris Davis, who have worked with professional athletes. Davis has trained a range of athletes from grade school to the NFL and provides consulting for dieting as well. His specialization is in muscle confusion, which includes changing workouts every two weeks so that the muscles have a hard time adapting. This is a great way to build strength effectively and quickly. If you are looking for more of a rehabilitative experience, Stefanie Heyser, who has a degree in sports medicine and has specialized in building out personal rehabilitation programs and sport-specific programs, is the right coach for you. Get started by searching for your perfect coach today!

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