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CoachUp's #1 ranked private football coach in GA, has started a fitness division along with his wife. They have over 50 years experience as top level athletes, trainers & coaches. View all coaching experience

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  • Bucknell University (PA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Obstacle Training, CrossFit, Cross Training, Conditioning

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Balance


  • Bucknell University (PA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Obstacle Training, CrossFit, Cross Training, Conditioning

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Core Conditioning, Balance

More About Coach Scottie

Coach Scottie started coaching at his high school in NJ after college. When he moved to GA, he had to start in youth football in Duluth. He worked his way all the way up to coach pro football with the Atlanta Sharks indoor team in 2014. For the last 5 years, he has been the Defensive Coordinator and Associate Head Coach at North Georgia Sports Academy, where he currently coaches at the college level. Currently ranked as the #1 private football coach in Georgia (per CoachUp.com), Coach Scottie has experience working with people at ALL levels and I loves to see clients reach their goals.

His wife, Coach Kelly also started training in NJ after college. She has been an aerobics and water aerobics trainer at such prestigious establishments such as Bally's, World's Gym and New York Sports Club, among others. She has most recently been a Life Coach and Beauty & Wellness consultant in GA, since 2006, and can help with both your inner and outer wellness.

Coach Scottie played football, basketball and ran track, all at the varsity level in high school (Linden High School, Linden, NJ). He earned a scholarship to attend and play football at Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA) in the Patriot League.

Coach Kelly has been a varsity runner for J. P. Stevens High School (Edison, NJ) since she was in 8th grade, where she helped lead them to multiple state and national titles. After earning a scholarship to attend and run at Glassboro State University (now Rowan University), she became an Olympic caliber runner and part of the Adidas National Team.

We'll always start each session with a 10-15 minute dynamic warm up. Stretching is so important to both performance and injury prevention, so the very first thing we'll do is stretch out all of the major muscles in both the lower and upper body. We'll then get into a light jog, to get the blood pumping and to loosen up those muscles and joints. Following that, we'll do a series of calisthenics that are designed to further stretch, loosen and warm up the muscles and joints.

Depending on the needs of the client or group, we'll then get into periods of exercises and drills to help increase strength, balance and cardio, all while maximizing fat burn and toning your full body. Since your core is the center of your body, as well as the center of your fitness universe, almost every session will include an intense core period.

Each session will also end with a cool down period and another stretch period. It is important to end each workout in such fashion to help prevent the body from cramping and seizing, later on.

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Client Reviews

All I can say is awesome!

Our son, 14, just started with Coach Scottie and he is learning more about the game than he gets from the teams he's played on. Coach Sottie is provides professional service in his training and business wise. He is punctual and provides prompt and thoural feedback to us and to our son.We are looking forward to our son's success under Coach Scottie's training.

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Coach Scottie, your amazing coach and very patient with the children.

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(no details provided)

Coach Scottie Glover was great, very professional. He was on time, very polite, worked our son pretty hard (something he needed). We will be scheduling more sessions soon. Bennie actually told us that he enjoyed and wanted to do more. Believe me that was music to our ears! Great job coach and we will see you soon!

Coach Scottie was the best very patient and his knowledge of the game was incredible. I've booked my 15 year for follow up session.

Coach Scottie was great! My son had a great experience and will be booking again soon.

Coach Scottie has done a wonderful job with my son. I was referred by a friend and I thank them everytime I see them. If you are looking for a coach to improve you or your athlete, Coach Scottie is the man for the job.

Very good trainer helped me a lot at my position (DB) , always pushed me to do better and correct my mistakes. Willing to have him again

Very professional, worked very well with me, and developed a plan specifically for me for my football training.

Great first session with the coach. He knows that I need to be pushed past my limit to go big on football and he is willing to help me do just that.

Excited for more sessions!

(no details provided)

My son's confidence has grown since his training with Coach Scottie. He continues to improve weekly. My son and I are happy with Coach Scottie and his training techniques. He is very thorough and honest. Great Coach!

Coach Scottie is an excellent coach! Wish we had found him sooner, in only 2 lessons Landon has gotten so much information and beneficial tips on the correct way to do things. Highly recommend him to anyone, he knows what he is doing. Thanks coach Scottie!!

Scottie is very good at what he does. He is not only concerned about getting your child ready athletically but also academically.

Great guy to meet and sets a successful goal for you to become a better athlete. Best you can have crushing you.

I was looking for someone who is just as serious about training athletes as my 16 year old junior is about being trained, playing football in college and moving on to the pros. I saw all of the reviews provided by other clients regarding Coach Scottie and decided to try him out. My son was excited that I found someone who was willing to begin training him at the position of linebacker and said he was looking forward to learning and growing. His first session went very well as Coach Scottie provided him with a great deal of knowledge that he can use to improve his flexibility, speed and skill as an overall athlete. Coach Scottie appears to be knowledgeable of what's required to coach my son up to the next level, is organized, was on time for the session and knows how to TEACH my son what he needs to know to improve. This is very important to me and my son, because we have learned the hard way that every coach doesn't necessarily have the skill to teach and coach up athletes. I have booked additional sessions with Coach Scottie and my son is looking forward to becoming GREAT in his new position!

Very thorough

Coach Scottie has been great for my son. He is pushing him to become mentally and physically stronger. What I'm most impressed about Coach Scottie is his ability to push my son mentally. I'm seeing the results already in my son's confidence and mental toughness. Would highly recommend Coach Scottie. Especially for kids looking to become physically and mentally stronger.

Scottie did a great job! Prompt, professional, and knowledgeable!

From Mom. First time I saw Coach Scottie, he was coaching another young boy and we were there for my younger sons football conditioning. I watched him for maybe 5 minutes before I came to the conclussion that I wanted him to work with my daughter, who is going off to college on a softball scholarship. We had only been contemplating getting her a speed coach before she went to school. We knew she was already naturally fast, but she was never taught proper technique. I approached him after he was done with his current session and by the end of our conversation, I knew he was the right man for the job. Miriam is not a person of many words, but after her first session, she couldn't be happier with how well Coach Scottie instructed her, encouraging and well knowledgeable. We cannot express our gratitude in finding Coach Scottie and cant wait to see how much Miriam will improve in her speed.

Coach Scottie appears very detail oriented when working with my son. In only our second session my son is already showing progress.

First meeting went well. Looking forward to seeing more of Coach Glover’s process.

Good coaching

Coach Scottie asked all the right questions prior to the session beginning. He was very thorough and informed of training practices. My 8 year old son enjoyed the session very much. Coach Scottie was encouraging and motivating.

(no details provided)

Coach Scottie has been an great asset for my son. We have had 4 sessions and I can already tell the difference! I know by the fall he will be a different athlete.

Great coach

(no details provided)

Great Coach!! If I had him back in high school I’d be in the NFL

My son had his first session with Coach Glover today. It was a great experience for Tyson as well as for myself. Coach Glover is very clearly invested in making players better as student athletes! His process is detailed and streamlined and he does not cut any corners. I recommend him for any training needs and look forward to many more sessions in the future!

Coach Scottie was amazing. He really worked well with my 10 year old son. My son says Coach Scottie is a 20 out of 10! We are looking forward to many future sessions.

Just completed our first 5 sessions with Coach Scottie and are very satisfied with what we've experienced so far. He is very thorough and diligent in tailoring the training to my son's specific needs. His detailed reports after every session are very helpful and informative and my son and I look forward to them as a way to track progress and discuss what he needs to work on that week. We are going to continue booking sessions with Coach Scottie and would recommend his services to anyone looking for a trainer who is going to be invested in the progress and success of your student athlete.

Scottie G is a great teacher of the game he will good with the fundamentals of football my son love training with Scottie.

I took my 11 year old son to work with coach Scottie for the first time, my son has not played football in a few years and coach Scottie made him feel at ease and went over each training drill with him, at the end of the session coach Scottie went over in detail how the session went and the things that we will be working on moving forward. My son was excited and asking when the next session was before we got out of the parking lot, great job coach Scottie we will be back and I encourage anyone looking for an excellent football coach to call and book with coach Scottie!!

First session with Coach Scottie went great with my son (9) who is a first year football player. He explained the importance of education prior to our session which was aligned with my thoughts as it related to student Athletes. My son enjoyed his session. Coach explained the importance of proper stretching/ technique to prevent injury. We are looking forward to future sessions.

(no details provided)

I’ve come across many great coaches but Coach Scottie is the one that I was looking for when it came to my 6’0 286lbs son who plays OL/DL.From the very beginning, he sat us down and talked about the most important factors off the field which meant a lot because most coaches don’t even touch on those subjects. He’s very professional and organized. He took notes and he paid attention to the small details on what areas my son needs improvement. My son will definitely return and will stay with coach Scottie until it’s time to start practicing with his high school football team. Thanks Coach!

Out first session with Coach Scottie was excellent. He took the time to lay out his training plan with my son and start tailoring it towards his needs. We are looking forward to more sessions with Coach.

Professional and organized. Will repeat

(no details provided)

Coach Scottie, is a true professional and minister to his craft of developing young atheles from basic exercising, stretching, development of self motivating mind sets , to skill player achievement, and top level endurance. After just three light workouts i could see the difference in my son overall approach to the drills and exercises. I will continue to working with Coach Scottie again , again and again. Thanks Coach

My first impression of Coach Scottie was he seemed to be very knowledgeable of the sport of football, conditioning, training and coaching. He informed us of the agenda for the day. Looking forward to more sessions with him.

Coach Scottie is top of the line! He has been extremely professional since day one with training our son Brayden for the upcoming football season. He knows just the right balance of hard work and drive that helps push our son to his best potential. Engaging a 9 Year old in an intense workout has to be challenging, but the well thought out trainging agenda prepared prior to each session has given our son a great foundation of improved strength, confidence with speed and agility, and detail with technique that only professionals exhibit. We don't mind driving 35-45 minutes from home for this opportunity to train with the best! Great job Coach Scottie in giving back to those who are rising up, we will definitely be long time clients for sure!

Coach Scotty was great tonight. It was my sons first workout with CS and my son, Joseph, is already looking forward to the next one. Thanks Coach Scotty

(no details provided)

Scottie is great. I love how he pushes my son to do more. My son is loving working with him.

My son has just completed his third session with coach glover and I've seen improvements in his performance already we look forward to working with coach glover Top rated trainer.

Coach Scottie is very knowledgeable with his training styles.
My son is much more confident & motivated since working with him.Great coach!!

Coach Scottie really seems to know his stuff. He is a cool guy as well. He really wants players to succeed and goes the extra mile in making sure a player learns, understands, and preforms.

He is a phenomenal coach, he is poised and focused on improving the athlete to be a better athlete but also a better man. We are very pleased with his diligence, encouragement and drive! Great coach, I highly recommend him!

Coach Scottie was able to evaluate our son and focus on developing his weaknesses immediately. His training is customized and intense. Our son looks forward to his sessions and gets excited when he realizes he is improving.

Coach Scottie gives my son a really good/hard workout. After each session he is totally tapped out, but it is a "welcomed" exhaustion; he knows being pushed to new limits will build the strength, endurance and development needed to take his game to the next level. We intend to maintain a long training relationship with Coach Scottie.

Our first meeting with Coach Scottie was very powerful. Coach explained everything that my son would be doing before the session started. Coach had my son going beyond his limits, You would have thought he had been my son coach before our first meeting. Coach Scottie was great with my son, he didn't let him short change himself. "Finish my drill" is still ring in my son head. After every set he would give my son praise with good job and applause. To top it off we received a report on how my son session went and what we could expect at the next session. My son loved reading it. I know I have found the right Coach for my son

(no details provided)

Coach Scottie is simply a phenomenal coach. My son has had three sessions with him and he has improved tremendously. Coach Scottie touched based with me a day before our first session to introduce himself and tell me an overview of what his plan was for my son. On the day of our first session, he was early and prepared; ready for my son to begin. He had my son's plan printed out for us to review and he explained each of them and the pace we would take on. One thing that I love about Coach Scottie is that he emphasizes the importance of grades and football. He is always reminding my son that he has to be a great student and a great athlete. Coach Scottie is extremely passionate and knowledgeable bout football and his positive energy is transferred to my son at each session. He is tough, strict, but most importantly FUN. With every session, Coach Scottie explains what each drill is for and what muscle you are working. Ian looks forward to his sessions and Coach Scottie has helped him with his confidence and influences him to push himself even further. I am extremely happy we went with the 10 plan session and look forward to booking more sessions with him. Best decision I have made for my son.

What an awesome job for the first session. Real professional guy. He went over what was being done for the session and went at an excellent pace, especially with my 7 year old. Looking forward to more sessions soon.

Coach Scottie was great! My son has his first scheduled meeting and workout Saturday 03/04/2017. We got to the session about 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time, so we watched his interaction with another client and was thoroughly impressed. When our session time came we had a brief introductory period and established goals. We setup only one session to make sure this was right for my son, and when we were done my son was ready to schedule additional sessions which we did as soon as we got home. Coach Scottie is professional, knowledgeable and gets straight to the point. We look forward to working with him throughout the year. Highly recommended if you are serious about getting your athlete to the next level.

My son just completed his first 5 sessions with Coach Scottie... he has done an amazing job with my son; helping him to be more focused, improving his effort and skill level. My son comes away from each session saying... "I feel energized!"

(no details provided)

First session review: Coach Scottie was very prepared, organized and professional. I feel comfortable my son will benefit greatly from his personalized coaching. At least based on the first session I give him 5 stars and would recommend him to others.

He's a great coach! I like the approach he takes on developing his players & making them better.

I only book 1 session to see what Coach Scottie is all about. Our first session was 1/28/2017. My first impression of him is that he really passionate about coaching and well educated about football. He was very organized and had a plan in place for my sons training. I explained to him that my son is already enrolled for speed and agility as well as strength training. The reason I am coming to him is for my son to have 1 on 1 training that is specific to his position out on the football field. Coach listened and adjusted the plan on the spot. He was very attentive, upbeat, determined, focused during the training. You can tell he is invested and wants your child to succeed. After the session, my son and I agree to continue using his services until football is back in session at his high school. Thank you Coach Scottie

Coach Scottie in my opinion is definitely the best coach I've ever had. He is the most professional coach I've ever met and even one of the most professional people I've met. Everyday we get to the field he wants full effort. No matter what - he is always telling you how to get better and he is always in a good mood and willing to train you. There is no coach out there that will do a better job than him. When I say it, I mean it.

It's only been our 1st session but I can say that my son and I were impressed. Coach Scottie was on time and set up, ready to go. He was very organized and had a plan in place for my sons training. He was very attentive during the training. We will definitely be using his service in the future.

(no details provided)

Coach Scottie was great. Communicated well with my son. As a youth coach myself, I thought he balanced positivity and drive very nicely. He was organized on time. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Coach Scottie was great on our initial session, he was extremely attentive and encouraged our son! He gave great feedback and made our son feel extremely comfortable. Looking forward to the rest of our seasons!

(no details provided)

Coach Scottie provides an ultimate workout session! He is encouraging without having to yell, which is rare for a coach. With the few sessions my son has had, there is a remarkable improvement with his athletic ability. I strongly recommend this coach to anyone who wants to become a much better football player!

Coach Scottie Glover, I want thank coach Glover with the one on one drills he help my son with on Saturday July 3, 2016.I challenge everyone in the Gwinnett and surrounding counties to look up Coach Glover. When he first meet the parent and athlete, he interviews both to find out what are the short term and long tem goals. With my son he told him the importance of school before we said anything about the sport. Coach glover is very hands on with demonstration and constructive criticism. I'm looking forward to the next skills training. Thanks Coach, Wade family.

Solid Coach!

Had a really great experience with Coach Scottie. I have never seen my 10 year old son work that hard and listen to someone quite so well. He was put through a great workout and learned technique and such. I would definitely recommend Coach Scottie to any athlete who wants to improve their game, strength, agility, attitude etc...

Coach Scottie has been a true blessing to Erick! We feel so blessed to be involved with Coach Up and look forward to a long term relationship. So worth the sacrifice!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Let me start by saying he is very professional and easy to talk to. But I have to admit he changed my whole outlook of coach up due to a very very bad experience. I wasn't going to use them but my son convinced me to try another coach and that was coach Scottie I am so pleased that we did I wouldn't change the experience with him for nothing he put a smile on my son face. So the bottom line is just because one coach didn't work it shouldn't be a reflection on the company which he represents very well

(no details provided)

We have been with Coach Scottie for about 8 training sessions and I have seen an improvement in every session. He communicates well with my son and pushes him to the right point. I look forward to working with Coach Scottie for a long time.

Coach Scottie made a big impression on my son; he is an excellent coach. My son was motivated to do more with each session. He felt proud that he worked hard, and Coach pushed him to the limit and gave him positive encouragement. Coach Scottie responses to messages right away, he is always early for training and he comes prepared. I would recommend Coach Scottie to anyone looking for a good coach.

We hit the coaching jackpot when we signed up with Scottie! From my sons point of view he's a great coach who made him push himself and was tough and encouraging at the same time. My son hurt for 2 days after his first session and is looking forward to many more. From a parents point of view, Scottie is very good at communicating and responds almost immediately to emails and calls. He sets expectations upfront and tells you what his goals are for your child. I highly recommend using coach Scottie!

(no details provided)

Professional and very good instruction with experience.
Will b booking many more lessons!!
Great Job and my son Loved the session

We highly recommend Coach Scottie. We immediately noticed a huge improvement in our son after just a few sessions with him. Coach Scottie is extremely professional, organized, and goal driven with his approach to training. He consistently follows Miguel's progress each day and provides immediate feedback to include his strengths, areas of opportunity for improvement and plan of action for the next session to include expectations. I would highly recommend him to any athlete that is serious about improving performance and agility. Coach Scottie is certainly in a class by himself! He's already proven to be a great investment for our son with the results we are seeing.

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