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Our top Martial Arts trainers

  • Carlos A., Gardena, CA Martial Arts Coach
    Carlos A.
    Gardena, CA
    $26 /session

    Black belt who specializes in coaching the following martial arts forms:... View profile


    Chi, Kick, Blocks, Horse stance, Jabs, Mental tranquility, Roundhouse kick, Strikes, Sweep

  • Abraham S., New York, NY Martial Arts Coach
    Abraham S.
    New York, NY
    $78 /session

    Whether your goal is to get in the best shape of your life, or train so ... View profile


    Strikes, Jabs, Kick, Roundhouse kick, Balance, Blocks, Center line, Crane, Internal sys...

  • Riki Q., New York, NY Martial Arts Coach
    Riki Q.
    New York, NY
    $43 /session

    Experienced Martial Arts and Self-Defense Coach with Second-Degree Black... View profile


    Balance, Blocks, Chi, Crane, Mental tranquility

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