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Our top Martial Arts trainers

  • Abraham S., New York, NY Martial Arts Coach
    Abraham S.
    New York, NY
    $78 /session

    Whether your goal is to get in the best shape of your life, or train so ... View profile


    Strikes, Jabs, Kick, Roundhouse kick, Balance, Blocks, Center line, Crane, Internal sys...

  • Riki Q., New York, NY Martial Arts Coach
    Riki Q.
    New York, NY
    $43 /session

    Experienced Martial Arts and Self-Defense Coach with Second-Degree Black... View profile


    Balance, Blocks, Chi, Crane, Mental tranquility

  • Danny D., Mesa, AZ Martial Arts Coach
    Danny D.
    Mesa, AZ
    $47 /session

    With a degree in Sports Fitness and Nutrition, Danny has coached several... View profile

Martial Arts lessons, drills, tips videos, and training articles

Finger Locks for Self-Defense

Are finger locking techniques effective in a street confrontation? The answer can be yes if you are proficient in applying them at the right opportunity Click to read more

Balance in self-defense

The correct use of balance in utilizing self-defense applications cannot be over-emphasized. In the heat of the confrontation, balance, stability, and agility, are for the most part largely dismissed Click to read more

Martial Arts Tips: Spartan vs. Ninja

In the popular show Deadliest Warrior, Season 1 Episode 3 "Spartan vs. Ninja", the Spartan weapons expert, a former Green Beret, stated that the main advantage the Spartan had was that he really only had 4 weapons and each weapon was designed for a very specific purpose Click to read more