Focused, one-on-one Football training with elite instructors is the key to succeeding on the field. CoachUp now connects aspiring athletes with Football coaches who turn your weaknesses into strengths, improve your skills, and increase your confidence.

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Our top Football trainers

Germany T., McKinney, TX Football Coach
Germany T.
McKinney, TX
$45 /session

Former NFL player with 5 years of collegiate coaching experience.


Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Hand Placement, Jamming, Route Running, Tackling, Throwing...

Chaim A., Boston, MA Football Coach
Chaim A.
Boston, MA
$69 /session

9 years experience coaching youth, high school, and semi-pro. 4 years p...


Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Footwork, Hand Placement, Route Running, Tackling

Justin B., Tampa, FL Football Coach
Justin B.
Tampa, FL
$37 /session

Former professional football player who is passionate about helping our ...


Catching, Hand Placement, Jamming, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Footwork, Pa...

We're so confident in the quality of our coaches that we stand behind them with our Good Fit Guarantee, a 100% money-back guarantee on every private coaching session booked on CoachUp.

A Change in Trajectory

A CoachUp success story

As a senior in high school, Aliyah had never played lacrosse nor planned on attending college. But after a year training with Coach Cristina, she's now playing DII Lacrosse on a full scholarship.

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What People Are Saying

Eric (Atlanta, GA)
“Coach Quincy has achieved excellent results with my son. I have seen significant progress in many areas in 5 sessions. Quincy is extremely knowledgeable about the quarterback position and the drills are relevant to our team's offensive scheme and are appropriately challenging.”
Márcio (Cambridge, MA)
“Isiah has been extremely helpful in developing my son's football skills from nonexistent to a very high level. My son plays with much more confidence every day; it's truly remarkable to watch his progress from week to week from working with Isiah.”
Randy (Overland Park, KS)
“My son has come home from his first few sessions excited, sweaty, and tired. When I asked him what he thought of Coach Ryan he said he was thrilled to be working with someone so knowledgeable and excited to be learning new techniques and it is exactly what he needs to get ready for college camps.”
Sharon (Avondale, AZ)
“Coach Damian did a great job at targeting the many, immediate skill needs of our son - he worked on improving his footwork, positioning, football IQ, etc. He related and communicated so well. It became quickly apparent that he has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with our son.”

Football Training

If you want to get the most out of your football training, you should consider hiring a football coach. Whether you are a parent of a grade-school football player just starting out in the game, and are concerned about safety and developing proper blocking and tackling technique, or a high-school or collegiate player aspiring to compete at the next level, a football coach is the best investment you can make. Did you know that professional football players -- like New England Patriots wide receiver, Super bowl Winner, and CoachUp Ambassador -- Julian Edelman, turn to both personal trainers and football trainers for strength and conditioning work, along with skill development specific to their position.

CoachUp has thousands of football coaches located throughout the country that will help you reach Another Level™ in your game. From quarterback coaches, to wide receiver coaches, offensive line coaches, running back coaches for offensive players, to defensive back coaches, linebacker coaches, and defensive line coaches on defense, and even punting and kicking coaches, CoachUp is the go-to destination for youth, high school, collegiate, and pro football players working on their game in the off-season. No two positions in football are the same, so working with a specialized coach, will dramatically set you apart from others on the field. Tom Brady had a quarterback coach as a young athlete, and continued working with his coach and other personal trainers through his professional career. If arguably the football’s all-time greatest quarterback still needs private coaching, then you can rest assured that any football player can benefit from that type of intensive, focused skill development. All of the coaches featured on CoachUp.com are the best at what they do, and have under gone a thorough vetting process. All CoachUp coaches have played football at the collegiate and/or professional level, or have coached at the high school, collegiate, or professional level. Many have both played and coached at the collegiate or professional level! CoachUp also features over 100 former NFL players, ready and eager to put their football knowledge to work paying it forward to the next generation of players.

CoachUp has a wide range of football coaches who specialize in all skill development areas and positions for football. If you’re currently a quarterback or aspire to be one, working with a quarterback coach on quick release and footwork in the pocket will help fine-tune your game. Alternatively, if you are a wide receiver or tight end, look to find a coach who has expertise in exploding off the line of scrimmage, running routes, gaining separation from a defender, and catching the ball. Maybe you want to transition from being a receiver, or linebacker, to a running back. A running back coach is able to focus on drills that improve your speed, strength, and agility, helping you stay low through the line of scrimmage and shake off would-be tacklers. A great running coach will also help you work on your blocking ability, and your route running and catching skills to allow you to be effective on third down out of the backfield. And of course, for lineman, we have offensive line coaches that can work on the finer points of pass-blocking and run-blocking.
How good are CoachUp football coaches? Well, for instance, if you are training to be a running back, how amazing would it be to train with former NFL running back Tim Hightower. With over 2,000 career rushing yards, 24 touchdowns, and a Super Bowl game on his resume, Coach Hightower has a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking to be the field general, then start training with former NFL Quarterback, John Skelton who specializes in training both quarterback and receivers. If you aspire to make a name for yourself as an offensive tackle or guard, there is NFL Hall of Famer and 6 time Pro Bowler, Joe DeLamielleure. Coach DeLmielleure not only played as an offensive lineman in the NFL, but has coached at the collegiate level, with many of his pupils reaching the NFL. Take advantage all that CoachUp has to offer in your city by searching for a private football coach today.

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