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Melvin M., New York, NY Basketball Coach
Melvin M.
New York, NY
$41 /session

Has worked at the collegiate level for over 15 years and developed many ...


Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Readin...

Bobby K., Plano, TX Basketball Coach
Bobby K.
Plano, TX
$85 /session

15 years of experience producing NBA, Int'l, NCAA Division I, NJCAA Divi...


Shooting, Rebounding, Post Moves, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Wit...

Kyle H., Smyrna, GA Basketball Coach
Kyle H.
Smyrna, GA
$46 /session

Former NBA Draftee and European- Professional for over 11 years, on a pa...


Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Footwork, Shooting

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George (Santa Clara, CA)
“Zach has provided three sessions of coaching for my daughter and she stated that her ball handling has improved. We have more sessions to go and I do expect tremendous progress during this season.”
Kelly (Los Angeles, CA)
“If there were 6 stars, I would choose that! Coach Walker is a fantastic coach. His ability to relate to and motivate my son was phenomenal. And, of course, his ability to coach the sport is second to none!”
Sam (Forest Park, IL)
“Coach Paris is an extremely motivating and encouraging coach. He has a genuine interest in making each and every one of his students into better athletes.”
Machille (Oklahoma City, OK)
“Coach Danielle is great! She has wonderful techniques to teaching my daughter. My daughter has already improved in many ways, just after a couple of sessions!”


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country, and continues to grow globally. Historically, the US national team has dominated, however in the past 15 years, countries like Spain, Greece and China have improved dramatically. To be the best at basketball, players need to have great athleticism, technique, and knowledge of the game. Some of the best current NBA players have improved their technique and basketball IQ by working with high skilled trainers.

Some of the best shooters of all time, such as Ray Allen, Reggie Miller and Larry Bird, worked with shooting coaches throughout their careers to improve their form. All of them spent hundreds of hours in the gym with their coaches taking thousands of shots until they had their form down, while working to develop their off-hand, their ball-handling, finishing moves, post moves, and overall basketball conditioning to say in game shape. The best players -- such as Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitski and Stephen Curry -- continue training with their coaches every off-season, regardless of their already immense talent and demonstrated success. But individual training is not only for the pros -- young basketball players across the country are now working with private coaches to improve their conditioning and perfect their skills, Basketball IQ, and overall game.

CoachUp is the only platform that provides athletes with access to thousands of talented, vetted and reviewed, and affordable private coaches across the country. Our coaches specialize in different positions, and can tailor their training to meet the needs of players at the grade school level, high school level, collegiate level or even the professional level. For instance, Brandon Ball, former point guard at Michigan Tech, works on ball handling and passing with point guards. Ball also played professionally in the ABA/PBL. CoachUp also features Bobby Kirby, who has over 15 years of experience turning basketball players into professional athletes. Kirby goes above and beyond the physical aspects of the game to focus on importance of mental strength in basketball. His high basketball IQ makes him the ideal mentor to any young athlete. You can’t go wrong in booking a CoachUp private basketball coach -- we back them up with our Good-Fit Guarantee, and around-the-clock support to make sure that you get the most out of training with your coach. So go ahead - get started by searching for your perfect CoachUp basketball coach today!

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