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Master the fundamentals used by great players including: balance/footwork, the "art" & "science" of shooting, & thinking the game. Players like my training approach & have fun. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Middlesex County College (NJ)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork


  • Middlesex County College (NJ)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork

More About Coach Steve

In the last 7 years, parents have approached me to work individually with their high school teens on basketball fundamentals. I really have enjoyed having the time to work with players (girls and boys) and taking them to a higher level of play. My focus includes:

• Balance, footwork and the importance of the hips.

• The art and science of shooting.

• Positioning and rebounding.

• Thinking the game and creating advantages.

• Having FUN.

I do not train on fitness or endurance, although I always address their importance.


Over the last 25 years, I have coached players from the ages of 5 to 20. Basketball is by far my favorite sport to play and coach. However, I have also coached baseball and football.

• NJB (National Junior Basketball) in Orange, CA at El Modena H.S. - 8 years, Irvine, CA at Northwood H.S. - 3 years, and Los Alamitos, CA - 2 years.

• Assisted Maurice Parker (Hamilton Tiger-Cats, University of Oklahoma) with his private teaching of football fundamentals in the deep sand - 8 years.

• Grand Slam Baseball Camp (Seal Beach, CA) - 3 years.

• Seal Beach Kids Baseball - 3 years.

At times I was the head coach, but most times I chose to be an assistant. I found this gave me more opportunities to work with individual players on their individual growth as a player, and as a person. My partner would handle the on court game. I would work with the players coming off the court and those getting ready to sub in. In practice, I would run drills on fundamentals

I played basketball in high school and junior college in New Jersey. However, I never really had coaches who (over any period of time) worked with me on the intricacies of my game. Since then I have studied, played and coached the game, developing a reputation for using and teaching player/team fundamentals.

My coaching style seems to be a bit different than most. I break down things to very small pieces, then put them all together. And I have unique ways to get player buy-in. For example, with tall players, I may ask to see them dance (salsa). When they spazz out, they prove to themselves that they don't have the rhythm or foot control needed to be a great post player. Then I teach them how to "salsa and seal" in the post...at first without the distraction of the ball.

I am a very good communicator and take the time to discuss processes and philosophies with my players. I want us to be on the same page and work together. However, this in not a democracy. I'm the boss. For, example, bank shots are a mandatory part of my program. This is not debatable.

I find ways to make drills interesting and fun for my players. I have taught proper layup footwork with half court layups, elevated release points by shooting over a fence, worked on crossover balance in the deep sand on the beach, and improved muscle memory and confidence with eyes closed shooting.

An Individual Plan For Each Player

My trainings are organized, yet flexible. I come with a written agenda based on a plan developed for each player's individual needs. However, at each training I make adjustments, as needed.

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Client Reviews

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(no details provided)

Best Choice I have made!!!

(no details provided)

Great coach! Very patient as well. Thank you

Coach Steve is an amazing coach who loves the sport of basketball and is incredible at it. My son Marcelo who is 12 years old had his first session with him and I was able to see a difference in just an hour. After his session, Steve even wrote a personal message to my son encouraging him. I would definitely recommend Steve, he's professional and knows his craft, you won't be disappointed. My son felt very comfortable with him and looks forward to many more sessions. We traveled for over 15 miles but it was definitely worth it.

Great teacher. Patient and relates well to student.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve is really great - he is helping my son break down his bad habits and replace with a better shot. He's helping teach some fundamentals that I feel the "academy" environments we've been to tend to ignore (or assume the player already has experience). I've already noticed a difference even after just one session. My son's form has gotten nicer and is less afraid of getting blocked. Thanks Coach Steve!

Coach Steve is great! Showing the correct way to play my son really enjoys him also.

Coach Steve has really helped our 9-year-old son develop skills and confidence. He explains things really well and always shows up on time and prepared. He keeps it fun and approachable. From court etiquette to impromptu pick-up games he really does it all. We are so happy with Coach Steve and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a basketball coach.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Steve is a great coach. He focused on the fundamentals and reinforcing muscle memory doing things the right way. My son improved his game quickly with Steve's help. I would highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Great fundamentals coach. Very patient and engaging.

Wonderful coach and he will make anyone better and improve your game highly recommend

Coach Steve is very patient and consistent in his coaching with my 9 year old. He makes sure that my son has the fundamentals down before moving on to more complex movements. He's very big on proper footwork and form. My son is gaining confidence and strength by working with him. Coach comes prepared every lesson, and has an enthusiasm that is contagious. We are grateful for his time and insight!

Coach Steve was great, very attentive to the kids needs and made sure they understood the fundamentals.

1st meeting - Coach Steve was very meticulous covering some fundamentals that showed an understanding of basketball that not many coaches teach nowadays. His coaching style prepares players to fully participate at all levels of the game.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve is a great coach, he knows that game. and I'm already seeing improvement, he puts the extra time to make sure you get results.

Coach Steve is a great coach. He takes time to find weaknesses and flaws in the player's fundamentals and corrects them early on to develop good muscle memory habits. My two boys love working with him and have learned a lot in their sessions. I absolutely recommend Coach Steve to anyone wanting to take their game to that next level.

STEVE takes care of the process with a great skill of coaching the real fundamentals

Steve's a basketball wizard. Even if you think you're an elite player, Steve will improve your technique by giving you the fundamentals that so many other coaches neglect. Definitely recommended.

Coach Steve broke down the body mechanics of shooting and ball handling for my son. My son has learned bad habits from volunteer coaches and was getting frustrated with his game. Steve was able to figure out what needed fixing and my son saw improvement in his shooting in just one session. He's looking forward to more session with Coach Steve.

Coach Steve is nothing less than the basketball scientist at work. He is very friendly and explains well why his methods work. He taught me how to make better moves, adjust my shot, and gave me a plan to work on between coaching sessions. I really appreciate the work he's put in to get the facts and help me correct some of my conditioned habits into better practices. Coach Steve would be perfect for anybody because he starts with the fundamentals and works his way up. In my case I am an adult player and open minded to learning new ideas that work better than I'm familiar with. If you're considering a new coach, there's no doubt in my mind that Coach Steve is the best out there!

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