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2021 AAU Head Coach with 3 championship 6 2019 6 championship. Current HS Head Coach, Former NCAA D2 Nat. Champ., 2-time Hall of Fame, High School & Collage. GoodCall Associate. View all coaching experience

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  • University of New Haven (CT)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • University of New Haven (CT)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Adaeze T.

As an active Gold Star Rated Coachup Trainer

with 78 five star and 8 four star ratings out of 85 overall rating and #1 in Connecticut. 2020-2021 season High school Strength Conditioning, AAU Boys 13U 3 Championship and current local high school Head Girls Basketball coach. Last year 2019 served as a basketball skills development coach and Head Basketball AAU Coach in West Hartford Connecticut and earned six tournament championship medals for the season and earned the invitation to play in the AAU Nationals in July.

During year 2021 As the IM IT AAU coach for 7th/8th grade boys, 2 Championship tournaments. 2019 AAU coach for 4th-6th graders with 6 championship tournaments and nationally ranked. high school head coach for girls and boys volleyball an assistant girls basketball coach heavily involved in giving scholarships rewards to volleyball and basketball athletes from age 5-17 when they join our year long training program specifically designed to develop and master the necessary skills for a full scholarship.

TSA is Transcend Sports Academy and online training platform providing educational Performance Training

As Coach

State Championship with Kolbe Cathedral HS team. Both State Basketball Championship and Conference Titles 2002-2004. I have helped 180 plus students into college scholarships to play sports. Bridgeport Middle School Boys Head Basketball coach 2011-2012 undefeated 10-0 two seasons.
Bridgeport Basketball Officer Friendly Camp 2008- 2015
Bridgeport High Schools (Bassick and Harding) Girls Basketball 2004-2010
New Haven Blake Street Park Basketball AAU player/coach 2002 University of New Haven National Basketball Championship player/coach 1987.

As Player high school Player

As an above average aggressive high school athlete, my love for basketball allowed me the opportunity to travel Nationally both in high school and college, receive numerous awards and outwork most opponents on the court. This platform became my stage to excel and become a successful scholastic athlete, which continues as a coach. As a high school athlete, I received the Who’s Who Athlete, scholastic recognition, 3 HS Conference Titles, 3 State Conference appearances quarter, semifinals and finals. 3 All-State Player awards 1st and 2nd team and Honorable Mention awards. AAU National Champions for 2 years after teaming up with former all-state rivals and forming the Queens Dream team to New Orleans. The twelve Connecticut’s best players competed for the invitation play on the National USA Junior Olympics Team 17U team and I placed 18 out of 250 just missing the final cut off. I earned 1000+ high school points, approximately 660 assist, 750 rebounds and 530 steals with 70 triple doubles that I can account for over my high school career.

As College Player

I received 3 Division 1 full basketball athletic offers but opted for D2 to play 2 sports on a full ride in volleyball and basketball in Connecticut. I played for 2 Hall of Fame coaches and Coach of the Year coaches throughout my high school and college sports career.
I come from a high-level performance training background that is intense and not for the faint-hearted. Being a champion is hard work and dedication.

Memberships Opportunity

Many clients see results after the first or third session and they join the long term year program. As a committed member of the yearly program players enrolls into a 20 weeks fall & winter training skills and drills and 14 weeks spring training leading throughout summer camps after AAU season. My Coach up system is second to none.

Scholarship Rewards and

Through our Coach Up relationship, clients have achieved their goals in both basketball and strength conditioning. Whether you are on a 3,6,9 or 12-month training package. I now offer a scholarship tuition rewards opportunity and Members can earn $1000 - $27,000 tuition rewards cash points to attend any of the 400 college registered institutions.

Recruiting Program .

offer tutoring, fundraising, nutrition plan and time management to get you ready for college. Video Scouting program that covers 2nd through 11th grade for membership clients.

Solid training fundamentals from basic to advance and college-level readiness. I am confident that I can train anyone coachable. I am passionate, intense, dedicated and committed with intensity to stretch your limits and desire to be on the court. I am constantly working on Continuing Education and currently am affiliated with most Elite Coaches Basketball Training programs like Better Basketball, PGC and IMPACT ELITE TRAINING.

Help 4 high school girls get into college to play at a D1 school and 1 play overseas professional ball.
A primary basketball fundamentals skills coach and responsible for developing middle and high school boys and girls.
Assistant coach for Lady Canes New Britain CT, travel team http://www.nbjrladycanes.com/meet-your-coaches.html (Wayback machine)
AAU Head Girls Basketball Coach 4th -5th graders 2014-2017, Magic Time 6th-8th Grade Assistant Boys AAU Coach
HS Technique Development Coach in CT year-round program - 2015-2018
CT - Heat Basketball Tournament 8th graders Championship team assistant - New Britain CT 2013-2014
Thomas Edison Middle School Head Girl Basketball Coach 2011-2013 Meriden CT
Paul Lawrence Dunbar Head Boys Middle School Coach 10-1 Championship winners 2010-2012
Bassick HS Assistant and Interim Head Girls Coach 2008-2011
Bridgeport Harding HS Assistant Girls Coach 2004-2008
Kolbe Cathedral HS 2003-2004 SWC Conference Champions, State Finals Champions winner
Cardinal Sheehan Center 2000-2002 middle school boys championship team
1987 Division 2 National Basketball Championship University of New Haven
The NCAA II Quarterfinal all four years at University of New Haven
First female athlete inducted to Bassick HS Hall of Fame 2007 Basketball, top high school all-time scorers club 1000+ points
College Hall of Fame University of New Haven Inducted 1993. As of 2015 still listed in the top 12 performers in Scoring, Assist, Steals & Rebounds

High School State Finals runner up

Athleticism warm up - 3 minutes
Ball Handling - ball stations and movement 3 minutes
Footwork - ladder training 3 minutes
Form Shooting - short and medium 6 minutes
Lay Ups - footwork, Mikin Drills 3 position 1&2 balls minutes
1 v 1 Defense - close outs and floor coverage 4 minutes
Defense Positioning - 3 minutes
Strength Conditioning 3- 3 minute stations
passing-3 minutes

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Client Reviews

Coach Adaeze helped me improve on my control and form, great coach. Very easy to work with, outgoing, and overall friendly and welcoming. Perfect balance of good, motivational coaching and respect. Loved working with her.

Coach was exactly what my daughter needed. Deep understanding of all parts of basketball, especially the mental side. We had an outstanding session and look forward to working with her more.

Coach Adaeze T. was great! My daughter Bella felt very comfortable and said “Coach didn’t make me feel dumb, she really wanted to help me and explained things in detail”. Bella requested 3 more sessions and is very excited to learn. Thanks again!!

(no details provided)

This was our first session with Coach Adaeze, but my daughter already really liked her. She was really honest with her compliments as well her critiques. This coach was thorough with her assessments, videoing my daughter’s body movements so she could review the footage to pin point specific areas to focus on next session.
Throughout the lesson, Coach Adaeze kept both my daughter and I informed about the direction of the lesson. I felt that she genuinely cared about what my daughter’s goals were and how she could help my daughter accomplish those goals. She even took time to explain the recruiting process and offered to help with it if needed. All and all it was a really productive first lesson; we already booked the next lesson.

Coach Adaeze was lovely! She made a custom package for me, and taught me about coaching volleyball, helping me to prepare to coach high school for the first time this fall! I didn’t even know where to start having never coached before, but I feel worlds more confident going into this after meeting with her. She definitely knows not only how to play volleyball, but how to coach. She not only gave me advice on coaching itself, but also related to me starting coaching at a young age and gave me helpful advice and words of wisdom it would be incredibly hard to find anywhere else. She definitely went above and beyond even referring me to programs and resources that will make my job easier. Thank you Coach!

I had a good session

Coach Adaeze has the experience and straightforward approach to helps kids get right to the fundamentals. Already an improvement and looking forward to the next session!

Coach D. was excellent! She was attentive and encouraging, obviously an experienced coach and player. Highly recommend!

She was an amazing coach. She helped so much and made things easy for me and broke thing done so that I could understand it better.

Abby really enjoyed her 1st session with Coach Adaeze. We appreciated that Adaeze got to know Abby upfront to help tailor the workout to meet Abby's goals and ability level. You can definitely tell that Coach has lots of experience guiding young players. Abby is looking forward to her next session later this week.

Coach Adaeze is an excellent trainer. Tells it straight and really helps her clients to understand the work the needs to be put in.

I've found Coach Adaeze to be a wonderful help with my 16 year old daughter. She is patient, understanding and assesses skill level incredibly well. She has added confidence to my daughter's game.

Coach Adaeze is fantastic. She is patient, kind, and fun while still providing excellent, challenging coaching. My kids loved their coaching sessions with her. Would highly recommend.

Coach Adaeze is excellent! She is great with boys and girls, specifically with my 14 year old son and 11 year old daufhter

Coach Adaeze is someone I would highly recommend !! She is training my daughter in Volleyball. In addition to helping her technically she talks to teens in a way that boosts their self confidence and helps them think about what being part of a team is about.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable coach who went above and beyond to meet us on location and spent almost an extra hour with my son. Focuses on fundamentals, proper form, and assessment rather than trying to sell the next session. If you want someone that understands basketball and is no non-sense then this is a good choice for you. I do not know her, I am a first time client and I met her today. Highly recommended!

We had a fantastic initial session with Coach Adaeze. Her attention to detail & fundamentals will definitely have an extremely positive impact on my daughter’s game. We are looking forward to session 2!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach D was great and helped my daughter with her skills but, importantly, helped her clarify her goals and encouraged her to be aggressive.

Coach Adaeze has had one session with my daughter. In that session, she quickly identified areas for Alex to work on. She have her some quick tips on her serve and other areas of strength, but then dug into hitting drills where she needed to most help. Alex felt very inspired after the session and can't wait for her next one. Thank you!!!!

Dylan really enjoyed the variety the training offered. Cardio, footwork, shooting, ball handling, etc. He definitely got a lot out of the training and will continue with more! The use of video and pictures also helpful. Thank you!

Adaeze is a very thorough trainer with good flexibility for my crazy schedule! My son loved his sessions!!

My daughter really enjoyed her training session. Coach was encouraging and informative yet pushed her. She is very knowledgeable and comes highly recommended!

Coach Adaeze takes the time to understand Sage's style of play. Coach's knowledge and skillset enables her to work with Sage's strengths as well as the areas she needs increased volleyball technique. Sage says, "Coach Adeaze is making me a better player and a better person". Sage is confident that this Fall she will excell on her JV team.

(no details provided)

Coach Adaeze was very good.She was informative and detailed with my son on what changes were needed for his shooting to improve.

I saw positive changes in his form by the time the 1hr session was over.signing up for more sessions.

She's a good coach and I learn a lot of new things today And I am learning so much that I made a long term commitment

Coach Merah,
Has done a great job with my son’s basketball abilities. My son was always to shy to tryout for basketball teams, but know he is eager to tryout because of the techniques that he has learned since his training with Coach Merah. I appreciate her for her patience and time she took to support Christian with learning the skills he needs in order to be successful in basketball. Thank you Coach Merah!!

Very helpful, she knows exactly how to approach each problem and effectively demonstrates a solution.

That was the best clinic we have been to, including the C's. Coach is very engaging and my daughter loved it. All of the kids get to participate, and the play full court with multiple skill levels at the same time. Most of the skilled kids try to get the newer kids involved. I thought it was great, and my daughter as asked keep her enrolled.

My daughter has had two personal training sessions with Coach Adaeze. She went from not being able to serve the ball and get it over the net to getting it over. Her confidence level is growing thanks to Coach Adaeze. I highly recommend her and look forward seeing my daughter's skills improve even more with continued sessions. Coach Adaeze's skills are amazing and the way she works with my daughter is amazing.

My son is growing into his suddenly tall body. Although he loves recreational ball, he needs help with skills, fundamentals and coordinating his growing body parts. In just one session w Coach Adaeze, I saw immediate improvement! Her analysis is laser sharp, her explanations concise and she gets results. Trying to balance the budget to make these sessions work bc I truly believe they are worth it! She is definitely good at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving basketball skills.

Coach Adaeze was absolutely amazing. After just 1 session with my son I could already see a major improvement. She really knows how to teach and get the kids to understand what to do. She was amazing and we can’t wait to work with her in the future!

Coach Adaeze is really great. We’ve only had one online session with her. I was scared about the online sessions because it is a non traditional way of coaching but with this being our only option, we gave it a try. Coach Adaeze is very patient and thorough. She gave us a lot of helpful feedback. She made us feel comfortable through this process. We can’t wait for the next sessions with her. Thank you for being a great coach.

My daughter had a great session with Coach Adaeze! My daughter is a college player. Coach Adaeze provided her with a great evaluation of her skills and a great workout! I highly recommend her as a coach!

What a difference in Sierra's play. She is hitting and serving the ball so much better and has better confidence on the court. After 2 training sessions, as a sophomore just got called up to Varsity.

Coach Adaeze was instrumental in helping my daughter improve her volleyball skills and increasing her confidence. She covered all aspects and increased her skillset particularly in serving, hitting, and blocking. We are very appreciative of coach's efforts!!

Coach Adaeze was amazing with my daughter. Not only skills but really took the extra time to talk with her, listen and get in her head to understand her better. Cant wait for our next session.

(no details provided)

The sessions have been great. My son is learning a lot!

(no details provided)

GREAT COACH. Even though it was my first day with her , she pushed me a lot. Thank You!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great personalized training. Great feedback, quick corrections to prevent poor habits, extremely personable, and a variety of drills.

Coach Adaeze was a very good coach. It took a few lessons for her to evaluate my daughter, but she did her homework and provided some great feedback with solid fundamental drills. She broke down her fundamentals with emphasis on her mechanics and we saw immediate improvement. My daughter has continued to show improvement since working out with coach adaeze. I have also noticed her having a higher confidence level and having fun again!

coach Adaeze was awesome, did wonders for my daughter

Audrey had a great first session with Coach Adaeze. Coach Adaeze not only focused on what Audrey's goal but helped her start to really think about the game she's playing. Plus we had an little extra bonus and help from another great coach who was there. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Adaeze T. most definitely was a great coach! She helped my granddaughter with her self confidence and helped her realize that she can be a starter, if she believes in herself. My granddaughter is looking forward to her next training session where she can focus on improving and tweaking her volleyball skills.

(no details provided)

Adaeze is a true professional. She quickly determined where my daughter needed help and got right into the customized lesson. She also focused on confidence building in a very diplomatic and effective way. She and my daughter clicked immediately. I feel like we have known Adaeze forever, even though it's only been a few lessons. She communicates well, is calm, kind, thorough - overall, an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend her and will continue using her in the future.

She did a very great job developing my son. She pushed him in such a way that brought improvement. Coach Adaeze helped raise the confidence in him through the various drills they did.

Our first session far surpassed my expectation. Coach Adaeze is obviously a professional, she is knowledgeable, able to clearly communicate her expectations, and very personable. We're looking forward to an ongoing coaching relationship!

Coach T is a very good. She's preparing me for basketball season next year and she is going to help me make varsity.

She is the best for my son. I will be booking more lessons for him - thank you so much

(no details provided)

Coach is great but not to keen on the environment

(no details provided)

First impression of a true coach that will help any athlete to reach there goals in the sports world. My son really enjoyed his time with coach Adaeze, and as a father I can see my son improving on the basketball court. Thanks again COACH!!!

Coach did a great job with my daughter today. She provided great instruction as well as constructive criticism.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Adaeze was very accommodating, and my son found her drills and workout to be very beneficial to helping him reach his goals. I would definitely recommend her to other parents.

Coach D. Got right to work and began with conditioning ring to build his endurance. I believe the more time he spends with her the better he will become all around. She is very friendly and nice, but says it how she sees it. which I like

Coach Adaeze was dedicated, detail oriented, and extremely accommodating. She is very professional and teaches her students with compassion and attention to their required skills. I would highly recommend her . Stephen DeFilio

Great 1st session. My son is looking forward to his next training session.

I am so grateful to have found Adaeze! She is an amazing coach who has taught my son self confidence, ambition and how to find his zone! I would recommend her 10 times out of 10. You will get a coach who puts her heart and souls into her trainees. Thank you for shaping my son into the great success he is becoming with sites on playing ball for BU!

My son enjoyed his lesson. The emphasis on endurance training in addition to skills was good. Looking forward to the next lesson.

Our first session with Coach Adaeze was very impressive. She is extremely knowledgeable and was supportive in the most positive way to help improve my sons' skills. He enjoyed every minute of working with her. And we look first forward to more sessions.

My daughter enjoyed the session with Adaeze. She fel

She was able to get into my daughters head and to read the floor. To understand the game and how to anticipate a play

Our first session with Coach Adaeze was encouraging. My child is new to volleyball and is trying to learn the game. Coach had a very confident approach, and a set out a plan that would take her where she needed to be. In talking with another parent, they only had praise for Coach and stated she is the best there is in CT.

Coach Adaeze T. was very welcoming when we came in. She is very knowledgeable and eager to work to improve my daughters skills. She not only works on the physical aspect of the sport but also includes the mental part and that is a big part. Very happy with first session.

Coach Adaeze T. was an Amazing coach although my daughter was only able to engage in 2 sessions. Coach Adaeze T. was able to figure out what my daughter needed work on. She made sure to cram in as much work as she could in those 2 sessions. I can say that my daughter has definitely taken with her some great Technics that she will be practicing. I hope that we will be able to work with coach Adaeze T. again.

Coach Adaeze was a great coach after 2 sessions my girls are so much more confident in thier skills than before!!

Coach Adaeze helped me reach my goal of confidence.

Coach Adaeze has been excellent! She has helped me with all aspects of the game and also with my confidence level. We have already seen improvement on the court and I have only had 2 lessons so far. Thank you Coach Adaeze for everything, you are the best.

Coach Adaeza,
My son (14) really liked his first session with you and is looking forward to the next session this Friday in Newington. He felt challenged by your drills and understood your insights about basketball. I am excited about him working with you in the future to help him achieve his goals on and off the court. See you soon...

My daughter worked with Adaeze as a beginner in volleyball. She has covered all of the rules of volleyball and reached her goals in just three sessions. My daughter feels much more confident with serving and passing the ball. I would highly recommend coach Adaeze to anyone who wants to be a better player!!!

Coach D was very helpful in giving me the confidence with my shot. She motivated me and was able to film me in a few of my games. Everything from her mouth was positive talk which I loved! She was also able to give me a few tips on baseline moves and attacking my opponent off the dribble.

Great coach very knowledgable, easy to work with. My child had an excellent first session. We will be booking throughout the spring and summer.

Today was our first session with Coach Adaeze and she was amazing! My daughter really responded to her patience and will definitely be scheduling additional lessons. Even when it started raining Coach stuck it out and made sure we got the most out of their time together. I was really impressed...after one session I already see a drastic improvement. Very accommodating and professional.

Honestly the best coach I've had in a while!! Really nice and kind and knows what she is doing. I recommend anyone out there looking for a coach for basketball to contact coach Adaeze. You will not regret it!

My son said that Coach Adaeze was very fun to work with and was able to get him out of his comfort zone. She was able to accommodate us with short notice; she was very warm, professional, and was very attentive to detail. She also was ready to go when she showed up and was right on-time, looking forward to working with her again!...Thanks coach!

Great motivator and helped me meet my goals. She challenged me and pushed me to the fullest of my abilities. I have learned a lot about volleyball from her and am grateful for her help and support

I hired Coach Adeaze to work with my daughter to prepare her for her first volleyball team tryouts. Coach was engaging, attentive, flexible, and extremely responsive to the unique needs, skills, and areas of improvement that my daughter brought to the court. I highly recommend her without hesitation. Thank you, Coach!

Hello Coach Adaeze, Derrick and I just want you to know that "Angel" made the National High Performance Team for the the CT Husky Roster. Thank you for all the hard work you put in with her!!!
My daughter Angel experienced immediate results after just one training session. Whatever you said to her to boost her mental confidence it worked she played the next three games WoW so awesome.
I could not believe how well my game has progress, I am so impressed with my skills development that I will sign up for another 10 session.
I hired Coach Adaeze to work with my daughter to prepare her for her first volleyball team tryouts. Coach was engaging, attentive, flexible, and extremely responsive to the unique needs, skills, and areas of improvement that my daughter brought to the court. I highly recommend her without hesitation. Thank you, Coach! Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Sonata made the team. She was bursting with excitement. Thank you for your help!
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