Are you fed up with all of the fad diets, gimmick supplements and false promises made by the weight loss industry!

Keep reading this special report to find out how to avoid becoming a victim of bogus weight loss programs and supplement scams.

You or a loved one may be overweight which is a serious medical condition affecting the lives of over 60% of the U.S. population. That is the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is that you may finally learn the truth about losing weight!

Before we get started, do you ever find yourself asking any or all of these questions:

– How did I get overweight?
– How do people view me?
– Why can’t I just be like normal people?
– What will my future health be like if I do not lose weight?
– How is my weight affecting my family, my work, my relationships, and my social life?
– Will I ever be able to lose weight and have the body, the life I so much deserve?

If any one of these problems or concerns is creating a situation that is affecting the quality of your life, then you need to finish reading this report right now! Why do we say this?

Because you may discover how to get on the path where you can lose weight quickly, naturally, and affordably!

Being overweight is so bad because it sort of sneaks up on you. The real cause of why you are overweight now, is because what happened over the past years. Slowly over the years you likely added on a few pounds, you may have never even see it coming.

Let me share with you the story of a man named Jeff.

Jeff never intended to get fat. Like many others, he was a high school and college athlete and never even thought about being overweight. However over the years, he just got busy with work and his family and year after year gradually put on a few extra pounds. Well, those few pounds ended up creating a 6’ 2” thirty-four year old weighing close to 270 pounds. When Jeff went to the doctor, he got his usual lecture that he needed to lose weight, lower his cholesterol and his blood pressure. But the only true weight loss advice he received from his doctors were, take these pills and do some sit-ups.

So let’s talk about these medications for weight loss. I am not going to go into great detail about the risks and side effects of these medications. You can easily look them up yourself on the Internet.

I just want you to answer one question. Have you ever see an overweight doctor? Let me repeat that, have you ever seen an overweight doctor?

There is no magic pill out there that will make you lose weight. If there was don’t you think all the smart doctors and nurses out there would be using it and be thin?

Lets go back to Jeff.

Sure, he took the medications but they did not work. But at the time although he wanted to lose weight he was not really committed to take action for himself. However, Jeff lives in sunny Arizona, land of the endless summer. Sooner or later you have to go to the lake, the water park, or you are invited to a cookout and pool party.

Jeff was at his eight- year old son’s year- end little league pool party, when his son, Jordan, wanted him to come into the pool and play with him. That, of course meant getting into a swimsuit in front of everyone. Jeff wanted no part of that, so he gave his son some lame excuse. Jordan looked so sad when his dad said no. He could not understand why his dad did not want to play with him. Jordan wondered if his dad was mad at him, or if did he had done something wrong?

When Jeff saw the look of disappointed on his young boy’s face, he felt a sinking pain in his stomach. He knew all that his son wanted to do was to play with his dad, and he said no because he was embarrassed about being overweight. Then Jeff began thinking how his weight was affecting his life and the lives of his family.

Is your weight stopping you from enjoying all that life has to offer? If you have a friend or love one that is overweight, do you see their weight affecting the quality of their life? What affect is your weight having on your life, your job, you family, and your social life? Are you avoiding activities because of your weight? What will your future be like if you continue on this course, at this weight, or continue gaining weight?

Are you concerned about the risk factors associated with being overweight? You should be!

Did you there are over 300,000 deaths per year attributed to obesity- related illness and that obesity has become the second-highest preventable cause of death in the United States?

(Smoking takes the lead at 400,000 deaths per year.)

That is so scary. It is no wonder people will try drastic surgeries to lose weight. But, have you been told the truth about these surgeries? Gastic Bypass Surgery is getting a lot of exposure lately. We’ve seen the celebrities on TV do it, and it looks so easy.

But, do they tell you that 1 in 300 people die from Gastric Bypass Surgery? This comes from the Obesity Surgery Specialists Website.

Check it out at: . They say 1 in 300 people die from the surgery, and right next to it they have a smiling picture of someone who rolled the dice with their life (at 1 in 300 odds) and lost weight.

1 in 300, let’s put that into perspective, it is high school graduation day and the graduating class is a class of 300 students. Would you let you son or daughter walk up on that stage if you knew 1 of the 300 would DIE?

Another one, the Green Bay Packers are in town to play the Arizona Cardinals and they are expecting 30,000 people to come to the stadium and watch the game. Would you let your son, daughter, spouse, friend or family member go to the game if you knew 100 people would die at the game? That’s the same odds as this surgery!

Sure, Gastric Bypass has helped a lot of people, but at what risk? You need to know the risk. Research this one real good!

So, where do you turn form help? Everywhere you look, some “fitness expert” or “fitness guru” is trying to give you weight loss advice and also likely trying to sell you the latest and greatest piece of exercise equipment or the lasted break through in nutritional supplements. I cannot believe all the commercials and misinformation out there and false promises out there! It makes me so angry!

Well the first advice you should get should be from a DOCTOR, because before you begin any weight loss program you need a physical examination. Why?

It can be harmful if you just jump into a weight loss program. You need to know what kind of shape your body is in now! You may need to know what your blood pressure is, your Glucose level, your cholesterol levels. If you have arthritis, a bad back, high blood pressure, or are overweight you need know exactly what you should and should not do. Only doctors (MDs, DOs, DCs) can do these tests, so this is where you need to start.

After your physical then what? Can just any doctor advise you on weight loss? You can usually have a physical done by any doctor, but what about the advice on how to weight loss? Are you taking weight loss advice from an overweight doctor? If they cannot manage their own weight, what makes you think they can help you with your own weight problem? Are they walking the walk? Or saying. “Do as I say, not what I do?” Are they educating you on how to eat and exercise right?

You see one of the main reasons we as a society are over weight is because we are generally not educated in a way that shows us exactly what to do to achieve one’s optimum weight, fitness and lifestyle. As a society, we are the most obese on the planet. We have more diet plans and health clubs than any country.

However, we still continue to get fatter with each passing year; lose energy, growing more lethargic, aging prematurely, and many times developing into more serious health problems. You need to find someone who has the experience in weight loss and someone who truly understands exercise, nutrition, and someone who has true-life experiences so that they can relate to what you are going through.

I am sure you have tired some diet or program in the past, and for some reason it did not work, right? When you started, did get some baseline numbers? (Resting heart rate, blood pressure, put you through a flexibility and orthopedic evaluation, etc.) Did they just have you step on a scale, or did they use a device to actually measure and track the percent of body fat you have on your body?

If this basic stuff was not done, no wonder you failed in the past!

How are you going to monitor your weight loss if you do not know what percent of your body is fat, before you begin your program? Contrary to common belief, your weight is not really the indicator of a weight problem – the actual percentage of body fat is the true indicator. You need to know what percent of you is actually FAT.

Let me give you an example on measuring body fat, this is important in understanding weight loss, or should I say FAT LOSS. This is actually what we are trying to lose, right? FAT!

Lets say someone weighs 200 pounds and when we measure their body fat we find out there body fat is 40%. This means that 40% of the members body is made of fat (80 lbs). The other 120 lbs is muscle, bones, organs, water, etc. (everything but fat).

Now it’s a few weeks into the program and this person steps on the scale and they now weigh 198 lbs. They are a little disappointed because they thought they were doing better. Their clothes fit better, they have more energy, and they are feeling better.

But they are still depressed because they only lost a lousy 2 pounds! Right? Are we sure???

We now check their body fat and it is now 36% not 40%. Let’s do a little math. 200 lbs at 40% body fat means that 40% of them is fat, which equals 80 lbs of FAT, and 120 lbs are muscles and everything else (called the lean body mass). 198 lbs at 36% body fat means that 36% of them is fat which equals 71 lbs of FAT, and 125 lbs of lean body mass.

This person actually lost 9 pounds of FAT (the stuff we are trying to lose) and gained 5 pounds of lean body mass (mostly muscle mass, which is a good thing because this will allow their body to burn more calories!)

You need to measure and focus on PERCENT OF BODY FAT, AND NOT WEIGHT! But don’t worry, when your body fat goes down, as your body fat decreases so will the numbers on the scale!

Let’s now talk about all the fad diets out there. The word “Diet” is a four-letter word. Studies have show that most people that go on a diet regain, most and many times; gain the weight back plus a little more. A true diet (or eating plan) that is nutritious and balanced will not only help you lose weight but will also help you stay healthy and live longer.

The former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop was quoted saying…”Out of 2.1 million deaths a year in the United States, 1.6 million are related to poor nutrition.” We are eating ourselves into an early grave!

This doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating out a your favorite restaurants, or buy costly pre-packaged meals. What it does mean is we were likely not educated on proper nutrition, and when need to re-look at how we see food, how it is prepared, and make healthier choices. If this is explained to you in simple terms you will lose weight, you will be healthier, and you will live longer all while eating!! Not dieting!

However, in order to lose weight and keep it off, you need sound nutritional advice AND effective exercises.

I know I scared a lot of you with the “E” word .You see, we were meant to be moving. We were designed to be running through the woods chasing for our food. Now we drive up in our boxcar, and order a box lunch, and the only exercise we get is walking from the car to the dinning table. If you want to lose weight, you need to move.

Diets alone will never get you where you need to be, PERIOD!

Since we mentioned the “E” word (exercise), lets talk about that now. Have you ever struggled with an exercise program and wondered whether it was safe, efficient and effective-for you?

Any true weight loss program MUST include some form of strength training customized to their personal abilities (Another reason you need someone who truly understands the whole body and how it works). Because if you can gain some of that muscle mass that we lose with age, our bodies will burn more calories and therefore burn more FAT! You cannot just run.

I see people everyday failing to lose weight because of ineffective exercises. They are working out in the wrong heart rate zone, they are lifting weights wrong, they are doing exercises that just don’t work, and the list goes on and on and on.

Often, people will use the guidance of a book; video or individuals that offer a specific method to achieve some end result (a generic approach). These “one size fits all” programs usually will not work! Achieving and maintaining optimum weight and fitness is different for everyone. That is why generic weight programs don’t work and can be dangerous.

It is important to make sure that you choose a program that is customized to your individual needs, your age, your resting heart rate, your past and present medical history (blood pressure, lab studies, etc) fitness level, physical ability, and experience level.

All of these factors need to be carefully taken into consideration in the development of your exercise program. If all of these are not taken into consideration, or if the person setting up your program cannot perform these test, you are being shortchanged and will likely not get the results you deserve.

A word of caution: Just because someone looks like they are in good shape does not mean they are doing exercises correctly or have the experience and expertise to advise you about an exercise program that will work for you. You also need to take a close look at their background and education. The personal training industry is full various different types of certifications. Some are good. Others are just a piece of paper. Did you know there are certifications you can get in a weekend course? Make sure you really check the credentials of someone offering you weight loss advice.

A word on Supplements!

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to treat supplements just like you treat medications. Does Ephedra ring a bell? Used correctly it can be safe and helpful for many conditions. However, if used incorrectly Ephedra can have harmful side affects and that why it has been removed. I asked you this once before, but it is worth asking again…

Have you ever seen an over weight doctor? Of course you have. If there were some magical diet pill or supplement out there, don’t you think all the knowledgeable docs, nurses, and all of the other healthcare professionals out there would be on it and thin?

Supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS. There is some stuff out there that the research has shown to aid in weight loss (let me say that again, aid in weight loss) but they are to be used as a supplement to a sound nutritional eating plan and exercise program. Stop wasting your money on supplements alone.

Even though I have given you a lot of great information you can use, you may still be a little confused and overwhelmed. You still may thinking that you will have to learn to live life overweight, accept the feelings you have about yourself being overweight, and accept the risks to your future health. That is understandable, because I am sure you have being trying to lose weight for a long time with little success.

That is what Jeff was thinking. He was sucked into the fad diets. He tried working his butt off in the gym, nothing worked. He would lose some weight but then gain it right back. He was embarrassed about his weight, it was affecting his self-esteem, and he knew it was affecting not only the quality of his life, but the quality of his family’s life also. His wife said she loved him no matter what, but he still wondered if she looked at other men, fit men. This was not the same person she married 15 years ago. He was angry with himself for getting so fat. He saw his future and he did not like it, so he set out to get some answers!

He knew there had to be a better way to get the results he was after He started to assemble all the research he could find on the subject of weight loss. Also consulting with other weight loss specialists. Even picking the brains of some of the top personal trainers in the area and from around the country.

Jeff found his answers! And in less than a year Jeff was able to
lose 60 pounds!

Listen! You may not have to live with this! You do have other options, even if you were unable to lose weight in the past! You do not have to take medications or subject yourself to dangerous surgeries! You can get the body and the life you deserve.

Let me ask you something. Imagine yourself at you ideal weight. You have lost all the weight, your healthy, and you look great!

-How would your life be different?

-Would you have more energy?

-Would you act differently?

-Would you be happier?

-Would this affect your work, your job?

-How would this affect your family and friends?

-Would this improve your relationships, your social life?

-How would it feel with the body and the life you deserve?

I can tell you for a fact, it is possible to lose weight. It is possible to change your body. And it is possible to change your life. You see Jeff is not just another success story, it’s my story!

My name is Dr. Jeffrey Banas; I am a 45-year-old Sports Chiropractor practicing in Mesa, AZ. I was finally able to find a system that enabled me to lose 60 pounds, without drugs, without surgeries, and without gimmick supplements. I found a system that promotes weight loss safely, naturally, and very effectively.

I now use my personal experiences and what I learned about weight loss to help others like you finally lose weight. Please understand that, unlike some doctors, and possibly even your friends or spouse…I understand exactly how you feel.

That is why I want to help!

I know how it feels to be overweight I know how it affects your self-esteem, your self-confidence your relationships, your social life, and the quality of your entire life and the people around you. I know how it feels to think about all of the future health problems that are likely in store for you.

Whether it’s wanting to lose 40, 60, 100, or that last 5 to 10 pounds, I know how frustrating trying to lose weight can be!

I also know what it feels like to finally lose the weight. I feel great! I am no longer embarrassed to go to a pool party or a water park. Losing weight has helped me at my job, I have more self-confidence, I am no longer at risk for developing diabetes and heart attacks, and my relationship with my wife, friends, and family is better.

Changing your body can change your life.

We have helped people all shapes, sizes, and ages lose weight. Odds are, we have seen and helped people with the exact same problem you have right now. From schools kids to grandparents, this stuff just plain works!

We’re not going to feed you lines like other doctors and weight loss program, such as, “ eat less, exercise more, take this pill, count your calories, weigh your food.” And we are not going to scare you into risky surgeries or buying gimmick supplements.

Our weight loss programs are essentially success courses on how to live effectively in this society…managing weight, nutrition and exercise into the hectic daily lives we all lead.

ALL of the programs are designed to help you to loose the bad habits that have been causing the weight gain and ill health patterns and replace them with successful habits that WILL help you to lose weight, body fat, lower cholesterol, Triglycerids and stabilize blood sugar levels. Your program is Doctor developed and supervised. It encompasses REAL methods, not fads or gimmicks that give short-term results. Our nutritional program is based on solid researched backed information. No dieting here!

Our exercises are safe and customized to fit your needs and goals. We use Heart Zone Training to assure you are exercising in the appropriate heart rate zone for maximum results. Our continuous monitoring and supervision assures that the changes are real, long term and most of all safe and effective. Our methods will teach you what you need and help you change the bad habits that have had such a negative effect on your lifestyle, weight, and overall health.

Your program starts with various fitness assessments. We then decide, with you, where you are going and exactly how you are going and how you are getting there. By being with you through the good and the bad, keeping you, your goals and your health…on track, while you create the habits that will last a lifetime. By not only sharing this knowledge, but also holding your hand and supervising you every step of the way…customizing your program on the fly to suit your individual needs and goals. For the months ahead we will be with you every step of the way, monitoring, supervising, changing your program and assuring your success.

Why? Because it works! And… We have achieved a 100% SUCCESS RATE! Our programs combine safe exercises and clinically proven nutrition, all monitored by a team of doctors to assure your safety and success.

We will never claim to be something we are not. So, if you’re still reading, I am thinking you think we can help you.
We have programs every schedule and budget, and some services in our on-site programs may even be covered by insurance!

The IRS has also made tax credits available for weight loss programs, so check with your accountant.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me.