Speed Ladder: Part 1

Learning how to use the speed ladder as a staple in your training can have your athletes, faster, quicker, more agile and explosive. Know which drills target specific skill sets to maximize your training regiments. 


Being light on your feet can go along way for many athletes that want improved footwork. Focus on movements that require change of direction and specific foot placement. 

  • ickey shuffle
  • crossover shuffle
  • high knee shuffle
  • carioca 


Getting faster requires foot speed, which can be attained by activating the fast twitch muscles in your legs. Any drill that focuses on the rapid movement of your feet will increase your overall speed if done correctly. 
  • one and two step high knees
  • side in and out two foot tap 


Being able to control your body as you move is just as important as moving fast. 
  • single leg hop
  • double leg hip in and outs


Rapidly moving from point A to point B allows athletes to appear faster than they are. Quickly bursts of speed for short distances is the essence of explosion. In order to achieve explosiveness, athletes need a combination of both speed and strength. 
  • slolum steps/jumps
  • double leg jump (two forward, one backwards)
  • ladder push-ups 


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