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Simple and Effective Cone Drills for Agility Training

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to train athletes effectively. It is easy to overthink things when it comes to sprint and agility work, but there is no need to. If you have four cones — or any markers that can act like a cone — training sessions can become as intense as you choose them to be. Begin by setting up four cones about ten yards apart from one another in every direction, forming a square.

4 simple cone drills to maximize sprint and agility training

The following exercises are to be completed using the square mentioned above: 


Move swiftly between cones in a forward sprint, then transition into a lateral shuffle to the next. Follow up with a sprint towards the subsequent cone, concluding with another shuffle back to the starting point.


Initiate with a backward movement towards the cone behind you, then swiftly transition into a diagonal sprint towards the opposite end. Proceed with a straight backpedal to another cone, followed by a diagonal sprint back to the starting position.


Execute a diagonal sprint towards a designated corer of the square, then smoothly transition into a backpedal towards the cone behind you. Repeat the sequence, alternating between sprinting and backpedaling.

Sprint, Shuffle, Backpedal, Shuffle

Start at a corner of the square and sprint towards the cone diagonally opposite. Transition into a lateral shuffle across the gap, followed by a straight backpedal to the cone behind. Conclude by shuffling back to the starting point.

Keep your center of gravity low when decelerating or accelerating, especially during directional changes, to maintain optimal balance.

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