Football Positions: Ranked by Difficulty

Football is a complex sport in which every position has multiple assignments. However, some positions require more thinking and more action than others. Below is a list of positions and their level of difficulty on scale of 1-5.

Quarterback: 5

The most challenging position on offense and perhaps the entire field is quarterback. This player touches the ball almost every play and is responsible for managing the offense with moving the chains and scoring points.

Receiver: 1

The easiest position on offense may be the receiver. He has limited responsibility and most plays may have nothing to do with him at all.

Linebacker: 3.5

The role of the linebackers varies in each defensive front and the type of linebacker determines the assignment. Even still, this position involves reading defenses, blitzing, tackling and coverage.

Lineman: 3

These players have to recognize the blitz and know who blocks who in order to avoid a disaster on offense.

Running Back: 3

This is a tough position that is physically demanding. This player has to run, block and catch.

Defensive End: 2

This player often has only two assignments: set the edge or rush the passer. Occasionally they have gap control on certain defenses.

Cornerback: 5

The most challenging defensive position is the cornerback. He is usually isolated and must defend both the run and pass. His assignments can be confusing if the defensive scheme is complex. He must be able to run, catch, tackle and defend.

Defensive Tackle: 1

Their number one task is to apply pressure with penetration on the line.

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2 Responses

  1. The receiver is most definitely not the easiest. There are no easiest positions in football. They have to learn a lot of plays and have to take hits and run very fast. One position is not better or worse nor is it harder. They all have their responsibilities.

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