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Football Tips (Defensive Back): How To Defend The Deep Ball

Coach Larry Anam explains technical tips on defending the deep ball.

Larry Anam: Hi, I’m Larry Anam. Former New England Patriots defensive back and CoachUp coach. Announcer: Number two Maryland B.C., Danny (inaudible) LOOK OUT for Larry Anam. Larry Anam: And this is defending the deep ball. That felt, that felt better. Nice job, nice acting job! As a cornerback protecting the deep ball prevents big offensive plays. You wanna make sure you have your hips parallel to his hips, in order for you to look back for the ball. What most cornerbacks do is, they run without having any kind of bodily contact with the receiver. Then they look back for the ball, and the ball is perfectly thrown, and they try to catch it at the end. So what you wanna do is, you wanna make sure you have your body up against him. So in case he does jump for the ball, it gives you a chance to make a play at the ball.

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