The Importance of Training the Non-Dominant Foot in Soccer

Every player, whether naturally or through soccer training, has developed a dominant foot. This foot is their go-to side for passing, shooting, and kicking. While typically right-handed players lean toward their right foot and left-handed players to their left foot, by no means is this always the case. While having a single strong foot benefits players, those who are equally strong on both sides are much stronger players.

Strengthening the non-dominant foot during soccer training makes players more effective

Many players do not realize how weak their non-dominant foot is until they try to focus on it solely during their soccer training. Like writing with your opposite hand, it’s hard to know how uncoordinated one side is until you use it. Practicing common drills with the non-dominant side will begin to strengthen it. Simple shooting and passing drills also allow an athlete to gain more control of their movement and skills. By using the opposite foot, players who typically shy away from one side will be able to become a stronger all-around player.

Patience is key when training the non-dominant foot

Most athletes don’t realize that their opposite foot will not be able to become as strong as their favored foot through only one or two practices. Athletes need to remember that for many of them, it took years of soccer training to get their dominant foot to where it is. They need to allow themselves time to train the other foot as well.

Athletes who can switch between both feet have a powerful advantage over competitors

These athletes can make passes, take free kicks, and most importantly take shots with whichever foot the ball is on. Rather than trying to reposition themselves around the ball, being able to shoot confidently from anywhere dramatically separates players. By focusing soccer training on the use of your opposite foot, you can become a far more versatile competitor!

soccer—training the non-dominant foot

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