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Positive Parents Make for Successful Seasons

When it comes to the development of youth athletes, the coaches role is paramount. There will likely be multiple coaches throughout your athlete’s youth sports career, and each will have something unique to offer them. One of the greatest struggles that parents face is maintaining positive interactions and perceptions of coaches. When their kids are struggling, it is easy for parents to project blame onto the coach. This typically does more harm than good.

In order for your youth athlete to get the most out of each season, it is essential for you to maintain positivity. Both as a fan from the bleachers, and within your relationship with the coach.

Five things youth sports coaches want from parents


The best coaches are those who are supported by the parents on their team. It is easy to be critical of a coach. Especially when your child doesn’t receive the playing time or attention that you feel they deserve. However, it is important to remember that the coach is usually doing their best with what they have. Showing the coach your support can go a long way in ensuring that your child has a successful season.

Frequent communication

Communication between coaches and parents is critical. Make sure that you are regularly in contact with the coach to ask questions and discuss any concerns that you have. From practice schedules to gameday timelines and expectations, staying tapped in with the coach will ensure that your child has a positive experience.

Understanding perspective

Youth sports coaches are typically unpaid volunteers with a passion for helping young athletes grow. They also typically have limited resources and time. It is important for parents to understand this perspective and show the coach appreciation for their efforts. Overlooking the time and energy that your child’s coach is sacrificing can lead to regular conflict. Avoid it by putting yourself in their shoes for a moment before making a comment.


A youth sports season can be unpredictable, and it is important for parents to be flexible. The coach may have to make changes to the lineup or practice schedule due to unexpected circumstances. As a parent, it is important to support the coach and understand that these changes are likely in the best interest of the team and are rarely—if ever—done out of spite for any individual athlete.

Knowledge of the rules

Every youth sports league will have a set of rules and regulations that must be followed by the coach, players, and parents. As a parent, it is important to understand these rules and ensure that your child is adhering to them. This will help to ensure that the coach is able to do their job effectively and that the team is able to have a successful season. There is no quicker way to interject yourself as a problem parent than to ignore the basics that are demanded of everyone.

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