Which Training Option is Right for You?

Whether you’re playing sports for fun, trying out for a school team or even competing professionally, additional training is always needed to get better. There are several options out there for every athlete to improve their game regardless of their athletic ability. Knowing the difference between each option will ensure you get the training that is best suited for you or your athlete.


Sports camps come in all shapes and forms but the basic premise is a two-three or more day event that focuses on a specific aspect of the game. For example, there are quarterback camps for football, hitting camps for baseball and softball, shooting camps for basketball, etc.

During camps, athletes will have the opportunity to work on specifics to improve a critical part of their game.

The most beneficial aspect of a camp is the large group setting, which allows athletes to participate in game-like situations, and compete against and measure themselves against other athletes of the same sport.


A clinic by design is a teaching and practice session. It usually lasts a couple hours or more and hosts a large number of participants as well. The facilitator of clinic can go into details of the purpose of the drill, and how it relates to certain components of the game. Athletes can then use the knowledge and skills learned at a clinic to become better at the sport.

Small group

Small group training is ideal for athletes on a similar level of proficiency that want to enhance particular skills. For example, small group training could be for offensive linemen in football, post players in basketball or even sprinters in track. Each athlete wants to get better in the same way, so they are able to complete the same drills and challenge one another in competency levels.


Athletes at all levels utilize individual training to boost their athletic capabilities.

This particular training is for athletes that have focus and an impressive work ethic. Usually these athletes possess internal motivation for achievement, although it is common for trainers to help push these individuals to their limit.

Although the competitive spirit may be lacking during this type of workout, trainers can easily detect and correct gaps in an athlete’s capability.

This allows trainers to personalize the regiment, ultimately driving each individual towards attaining their athletic goals.

Before you register for a camp or clinic or book a private session, know the needs of your athlete. Each form of training has its advantages and disadvantages, so research your options and speak with a seasoned coach for advice if possible. Not all athletes will truly benefit from each one, but there are some that need multiple training models to reach their optimal athletic ability. Regardless of the option, all athletes must understand that extra work outside of game and practice during season is essential for improvement.

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