If you’re a beginner skier, or even intermediate, you may be intimidated by mogul skiing. Moguls are a series of bumps on a slope that skiers have to navigate through using correct form. They can be dangerous to skiers who have never gone through them before and require caution. Follow these tips on mogul skiing to have the correct form and avoid injury. Once you master the moguls, you can have a lot more fun when skiing and have access to many new trails.

1. Be attentive. Like athletes in every sport, skiers have to keep their heads up. Pick your route ahead of you because if you are looking straight down at the moguls you are going through, you won’t have enough time to see the next ones coming.

2. Keep your poles in front of you. Use them for balance when making turns. You want to try to develop a rhythm while skiing through the moguls, and your poles can help you keep that rhythm.

3. Absorb the shock. When you go over a mogul, bend your knees and hips and flex your ankles. You should start absorbing the shock when the tips of your skis meet the mogul. When you reach the top, start extending your legs back out.

4. Pick a route. There are two basic methods skiers use when skiing through moguls. They either ski straight down over the tops of the moguls or through the troughs around them. Skiing over the moguls is difficult because it requires absorbing a lot of shock. You need great reflexes if you decide to ski straight down. The troughs are the areas around the bumps. If you decide to ski through the troughs, you need to pay close attention to where you are going. You need to make quick decisions and be able to make turns extremely quickly.

If you are skiing on moguls for the first time, try doing it on an easier trail. Ski resorts from Colorado to Vermont typically have a wide range of trails for beginners and experts. You don’t want to be skiing through an expert trail the first time you attempt it. Keep your composure and don’t get upset if you can’t get the hang of it right away. Moguls can be tough to handle. Following these tips will put you on the right track and make your skiing experience much more fun.

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