Coaching ABCs – Approach Basics Committed

As a coach, it is important to do just that — coach. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it, but you do want to know what’s going on. Always be coaching just means you are aware of and create opportunities to better the athletes you work with. You do this by approaching the basics committed and expand from there.

Simply put, coaching must be built on the basics. Even if you have an experienced team, it is necessary to start with the basic skills needed to be successful. Approaching the basics committed will help the athletes you work with keep the sport super simple. You may be asking what does approaching the basics committed mean for a coach? Keep reading for ideas on ABC.

Start with where you are and work with what you have
Most coaches would love to coach at a place that has an abundance of resources with a team full of players who are highly talented and highly disciplined. However, this is not the case for many coaches. That’s why it is important to approach the basics committed. Maximize the use of resources that are available rather than complaining about what’s not.

It’s the same way for the athletes you work with. Don’t worry about how untalented they are or who you wish you had. Work with the athletes you coach to help them get better each day. Commit to development over results and watch the results develop.

Ace the basics and assume nothing
Each athlete is starting from a different point regardless of their age or years played. Introduce and review the basic skills of your sport at the start of each season. This is an opportunity to get all the athletes you coach on the same page. Athletes will also become more familiar with your terminology, teachings, and tactics. You will become familiar with what they know and understand.

Build for the right reasons
It’s your job as a coach to develop players by helping them become better than they were before they came to you. If you’re not careful, you can get caught with “winitis,” a disease that spreads through your team in which winning is the only thing that matters. Prevention for “winitis” is development.

Build the foundational skills and then add from there. When there is a commitment to the basics, the results take care of themselves. Also remember your athletes will eventually play for another coach. Building for the right reasons keeps this in mind and provides your athletes with skills they can carry to future teams, not just those that lead to winning at your level.

Excellence stems from excellent foundations. The higher we go, the sturdier the foundation must be.