Overcoming Obstacles While Reaching Another Level

As we work to make improvements, we must expect obstacles. It’s our aim to overcome them by shifting focus towards finding solutions. Keep this equation in mind…

Focus = Perspective x Momentum

Focusing on obstacles only creates stress and tension, stunting progress. We want to focus on solutions because we believe this mindset will shift perspective and build momentum towards executing what needs to be done to overcome the obstacles we face.

Take a few moments to answer the questions below to overcome the obstacles you are facing as you improve your sport and fitness performance training.

  1. Think about one obstacle you face right now. What is it? 
  2. What are the solutions to this obstacle? Take two minutes and write everything that comes to mind no matter how “off the wall” or “crazy” it may seem to you when it comes to mind. 
  3. Select the solution you find to be best. Commit to act on this solution immediately, starting RIGHT NOW
  4. Select three people or resources to assist you with this solution. 
    • Encourager (Will support and inspire you to carry out selected solution) 
    • Enlightener (Will provide information and insight on selected solution) 
    • Educator (Will teach you how to improve on selected solution)  

Repeat for any other obstacles you encounter.  

When obstacles come as you improve, keep these tips in mind as you reach another level.

Dedicated to your improvement! 


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