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Lateral Speed Training Tips for Athletes Seeking Greater Agility

In my opinion, developing lateral speed is one of the most fundamentally overlooked factors when it comes to training. Moving from side to side without completely turning is a basic necessity in sports. Athletes that struggle to move laterally with speed have no choice but to turn towards the direction they want to move, reducing their ability to change direction quickly. The negative effect this has on their ability to get into position to make plays can be the difference between winning and losing a game. 

Training for lateral speed is actually quite simple. Add a few stretches and exercises into your routine and the impact will be tremendous. The challenging part is actually knowing what to do. Below, you will find some of the most basic ways to improve upon your lateral speed training. 

Four lateral speed training tips



Moving laterally with increased speed is difficult. The first step towards improving your lateral speed is developing a better range of motion in your hips. Try adding these stretches to your routine to improve flexibility in the hip area:

  • hip raises 
  • bicycle kicks (on your back)
  • bridge raises

Speed Drills 


There are a number of speed drills that you can do to activate the hips and lower body, which will lead to more engagement of the muscles necessary to move laterally. Here are the two most common:

  • shuffle
  • carioca 



Explosive speed in any direction requires a substantial amount of power. Try these dynamic, strength-based exercises to increase the power in your lower body:

  • squat jumps
  • jump lunges 
  • backwards ball tosses 

Speed + Resistance 

resistance speed training

Add resistance to your speed training to give your lower body the stress needed to increase overall strength. The following are some suggestions to add to your regiment:

  • weighted vest sprints 
  • parachute sprints
  • sled sprints

If you’re training for lateral speed, begin with the above additions to your current workout. Start slow and change up your routine so your body has a difficult time adjusting to the training, which will lead to maximum results. Always remember to plan your workouts in advance under the supervision of a professional. 

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