Football: Strength and Speed

Strength and speed are the two most precious attributes a football player can possess. Ideally, exceptional athletes have a great balance of both, but usually one of these characteristics outweighs the other. Take a look at how these factors relate to each position:

Defensive Backs: Speed

Keeping up with fast receivers and reacting to the play requires more speed than strength.

Outside Linebackers: Speed

Playing any linebacker position calls for strength, but speed aids in coverage, blitzing and running down ball carriers.

Inside Linebackers: Strength

These players have to take on big offensive lineman and bring down powerful backs.

Defensive Tackles: Strength

They have to occupy multiple blockers in order to be stopped.

Defensive Ends: Balance

Setting the edge requires a good balance of both strength and speed. The assignments will vary for this position based on defensive schemes.

Slot Receivers: Speed

These players usually have a speed advantage in their matchup because they are defended by linebackers and nickel backs.

Outside Receivers: Strength

Often the primary receiver is lined up on the outside by a defensive back that is quicker and faster than them. Getting open/position and blocking require more strength than speed.

Running Backs: Strength

Absorbing contact nearly every play means strength is the preferred quality to have.

Quarterbacks: Strength

All quarterbacks need strength to deliver in the pocket and withstand punishment from rushers. Speed is a plus that aids in avoiding defenders but not a necessity.

Linemen: Strength

All lineman must be strong enough to block defenders up front and down the field.

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