Coach Spotlight Interview: Football Coach Todd A.


Meet Coach Todd A.! A great football coach out of Illinois. Coach Todd is a natural leader who has been coaching high school football for many years. He believes that the lessons learned in football and other athletics are essential to any student’s education.

Tell us about your background in football.

I have been involved in athletics for close to 20 years. I feel that I have a dynamic approach to all different types of athletes. I have coached athletes at a variety of levels and have successfully led them to improve themselves as athletes, students, and young men and women. My love for the game of football has shaped my life. That passion and my dedication, work ethic and strong family focus have given me the opportunity to take on new leadership roles within each of the programs that I have coached.

Why private coaching?

 Since I’ve started coaching, I have always done private lessons with athletes that have wanted to improve their own skill abilities. I believe that private coaching is the best way for kids to enhance their skills, because in a full team practice they won’t get that attention.

Tell us about your coaching style.

As a coach, I can help further develop the lives of young people, and help establish school spirit and build camaraderie within the athletic department and school. I strongly believe that athletics is a vital component in the overall educational experience. Through athletics I can provide a disciplined learning situation for my student-athletes by creating an expectation that demonstrates good work ethic, teamwork, and commitment. I want my athletes to strive to reach their highest potential. As a coach, I take on various roles. Most importantly, that of a leader for my family, the program, school, and community.

 Did you participate in your sport in high school and college?

I played football through high school at Woodstock High School, Illinois. I also ran track and field at Woodstock High School and College of DuPage.

 What other sports or activities do you enjoy playing?

I love to play volleyball, track, basketball and golf.

What is your favorite sports related movie?

Remember the Titans

Do you have a favorite sports saying or mantra?

I like “As One, We Finish”.

Do you have any surprising, special talents?

I love breaking down game film and evaluating players because I have a knack for finding strengths and weaknesses in a player’s game.

Coach Todd is booking sessions for private football coaching now. Check out his profile here!

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