Friends Hire Sara Slattery to Push Buddy to the Limit

What do you get a competitive runner – who is always beating his friends in races – for his birthday? A workout with a professional. We know how awesome working out with a current or former professional athlete is. Thousands of our coaches have competed at the highest level and are ready to help other athletes reach their goals too. Ironman competitor Rob Brink’s buddies gave him the chance to compete against such an athlete for his 30th birthday. They hired elite distance runner Sara Slattery to compete against Brink in a multi-event competition. They hoped Sara would be able to give Brink a run for his money. Each competitor had similar marathon times (Sara’s was better than Brink’s by 4 seconds). Check out how Brink’s birthday present played out in the New York Times article. Photo credit: Hilary Swift/The New York Times   [maxbutton id=”16″]  

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