Creating + Managing your CoachUp Premium Packages

Creating + Managing Your CoachUp Premium Packages

When we launched the CoachUp Premium Membership last month, we wanted to provide coaches with a way to be more flexible in their offerings. If you have a Premium Membership, you’ll be able to offer all sorts of training plans. Some CoachUp coaches dove right in and started doing really cool things with their premium packages, so we wanted to highlight a few of them in order to inspire you. Keep in mind that you get a free month of CoachUp Premium, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, be sure to try it out!

Offer introductory sessions, consultations, and player evaluations

Our first example comes from Coach Caleb, who offers a few introductory packages. His Consultation package is for clients who might want to try things out for just a half hour. Additionally, Coach Caleb offers a Let’s Get Started! package for athletes who are ready to jump into things and start with a full hour of training. Take note of how Caleb titles his packages and how he’s clear in his descriptions of what the packages will include. screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-4-43-23-pm

Offer group packages

Next, we’ll take a look at Coach Brandon’s offerings, as he does both one-on-one and group training. If you wish to offer group training, we recommend being clear in both the title and the description of your package. If you run group sessions, you might want to try offering a package that allows other athletes to join your group. Keep in mind, only one client pays for a group package (ex: a mom who wants to book a package for her 2 kids). If you or your clients want multiple people to pay for a specific date and time, you might want to try creating a group event instead of a package.

coachup premium

Offer online/virtual training

When we set up online training, we wanted to let you be as flexible as possible with your offerings. Online training can be used to offer running training programs — think “Couch to 5k” plans — nutrition guides, coaching via email/phone, video analysis, and more. For example, in addition to video analysis, Coach Chase offers to create a professional video highlight reel that clients can send to coaches and colleges. Use your imagination and get creative!

coachup premium

Offer team consultation and one-off events

Have you ever received a request to help manage a team practice or event? How about a birthday party? Clients reach out to us all the time asking if we have any coaches who’d be able to assist with these kind of one-off events. If you’re able to manage these types of events, we recommend creating a Premium Package with a general description that could cover a few types of single-event requests that clients might have. Then, when they’re searching for a coach, they’ll see that you’re person to reach out to. Check out some examples that Coach Poncho and Coach Mike have set up! coachup premium coachup premium

We could go on forever with more awesome examples but we’ll let you try it out for yourself. Ultimately, the biggest benefit of the Premium Membership is that you can offer whatever type of training you’d like — from online and virtual training to birthday parties and group sessions, the world is now your oyster! Check out our help center article on setting up your packages if you need assistance.

If you have questions about CoachUp Premium or run into issues setting up your packages, you can also reach out to us, and we’d be happy to help out!

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    1. Hey William!
      From the packages tab on your profile, you can remove all of the in-person packages so that only the online offerings are available. You will only be displayed to clients seeking online training after that.

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