Walking through a college campus or at the beach on a nice day, you might see people playing with a Frisbee disc. The misconception about this sport is that it is a leisurely activity. Tossing a plastic disc around is a good way to relax, but that’s not what Ultimate Frisbee is about. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced game that requires strength and conditioning and a high fitness level. If you are an athlete with determination, you can become a good player. Here are a few tips on how you can develop into an Ultimate Frisbee player.


Join a team. An aspiring Ultimate Frisbee player should connect with other people who love the sport and practice with them. You can search for leagues and teams in parks around your area on the weekends. After joining the team, you can get accustomed to the sport through practices and games. You could possibly even work with an Ultimate Frisbee coach to improve your skills.

Develop your skills. Through good coaching and hard work, you’ll be able to excel. Work on the technical aspects of the sport like disrupting passes. Possession of the disc changes when it hits the ground, so try to force turnovers by anticipating a running receiver’s expected position and then either intercepting or blocking the pass. Catching the disc is another important skill to develop. The proper technique is to catch with two hands, one on the top of the disc and one on the bottom. Don’t wait for the disc to come to you, which will give the defense a chance to intercept it, but instead be aggressive by running to the disc when it’s passed.

Train your body. Like any other sport, Ultimate Frisbee requires fitness training to compete at a high level. Try running through Ultimate Frisbee drills to get better. Your coach might have you do catching and throwing drills as well as set up scrimmages for you to play. Receivers in this sport are constantly in motion, so you have to be well conditioned in order to play. If a player catches the disc and doesn’t have a clear path to pass, receivers need to get open quickly. This requires sprinting and making quick cuts to throw off defenders. There’s no slowing down, so being in excellent physical condition is extremely important.

Ultimate Frisbee is such a fun sport that after your first practice, you’ll love it. Follow these tips and start playing as soon as you can.

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