Yoga means “unity” and “discipline” in Sanskrit.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a way of living.

Yoga means “to unite”. On one hand, it is the perfect unification of the body, mind and the spirit. On the other hand it is the contact of the personal consciousness with the Universal consciousness. By practicing Yoga, the body, emotions and mind are completely controlled and are in contact with the Universal consciousness without detaching from the Nature and the Universe.

Yoga is not just a theoretical science but also a practical one. Practical application, based on deep theoretical knowledge, guides the individual to the real and correct insight.

Yoga means “to control”. Yoga is “the perfect control of the body, the emotions and the mind”.

Yoga also means “to unite”. Yoga is “the unification of the human being with anything alive or lifeless in the Universe”. Consistent yoga practice helps us stay in contact with the nature and the universe.

Yoga is an art that guides the rambling and inattentive mind to concentration.

The science of yoga includes all aspects of life. Worldwide scientists and medical professionals are investigating and researching the positive affects of yoga. These studies show that breathing, bioenergy, body and mind practices are very effective tools to improve and maintain physical and mental health.

Yoga is the correct life science and is given to us for use in everyday life.

Yoga is the most perfect tool that life offers to us to balance and harmonize our bodies, minds and emotions. Yoga transforms you without your awareness and brings with it internal and external harmony and perfect health.

The knowledge of Yoga starts by affecting humans’ top layer, in other words, the physical body. Organs, muscles and nerves do not work in harmony and damage each other when there are physical imbalances. For example, when the endocrine system does not function properly, the nervous system’s efficiency decreases and diseases emerge. One of the objectives of Yoga is to regulate body’s various functions for them to work for the whole body’s efficacy.

Yoga was found to be successful as an alternative treatment option in the treatment of asthma, diabetes, blood pressure irregularities, calcification, digestive problems, chronic and other various diseases. The effect of Yoga practices in the treatment of HIV and cancer are being researched and positive results are being obtained. According to medical professionals, Yoga is successful because of its balancing effect on the nervous and endocrine systems, which affect all the body’s systems and organs.

In addition to this, Yoga is a tool to preserve health and peace on these days where many individuals experience increasing stress. While breathing techniques help relieve tension and rejuvenate the whole body, body practices help decrease the fatigue and unease caused by spending all day sitting at a desk.

Yoga offers tools to find our journey to our real self. Due to the connection we have with our true self, it is possible to reach hard to obtain harmony, peace and compassion.

Yoga does not only consist of physical and mental practices, but also is a support to build a new life journey that is filled with internal and external truths. This is such a life journey that it is not possible to understand it mentally, it is only perceived by application and experience.

Regular Yoga practice positively affects our physical, emotional, mental, psychological, nervous and spiritual aspects. The mind calms down and becomes more peaceful, and happier, the body becomes healthier, youthful and fit.

You can be amazed to see that you will be able to give up your bad habits (smoking, overeating, etc.) that you thought were impossible to quit!

Don’t forget that we create the life we have through our thoughts and the reactions we give to the events. We are responsible for the life we live, no one else is. It is again in our hands to have a happier and healthier life. In other words, only “I” can create the life I want.

We need to accept that the most important thing in life is “me”. The idea that my body, home, family, work, and life are good as long as “I” am good is true and cannot be dismissed. Would you like to witness how “others” change with you?

The only thing you need for this is to spare a little bit of time for yourself.