Before your triathlon training can begin, there are a set of bike tips that you should follow to ensure safety and success in both training and competition. First, for those that do not have a good road bike, if you plan to ride many miles in training, then it is extremely important to have a durable lightweight bike in good condition. Also, the proper fit is essential to comfortable, efficient riding. Make sure that wherever you get your bike, that you have it fitted to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each pedal rotation, and that you are sitting comfortably to endure long hours in the seat. If you are serious about competing in triathlons, you may want to invest in aero bars, which allow the rider to get into a crouched, aerodynamic position on the bike to reach high speeds, as well as aerodynamic racing wheels, which will help to further improve speed in competition.

In addition to having the proper equipment to succeed in competition, there are a few safety measures to keep in mind as well. First, because you may not have much experience using clip in pedals, it is strongly recommended that you practice clipping in and out a few times before you head out on the open road. For both your safety and your dignity, you want to be able to clip in and out of your pedals at stop lights and other necessary traffic stops. Also, as a precaution all riders should purchase a seat pack to hold some essential tools. Some of these tools include, spare tire tubes, tools to change our tires on the road, CO2 cartridges to fill your new tire tubes, and always, I repeat, always, bring along a cell phone and a personal identification. There are plenty of good Samaritans and fellow riders that would be happy to help you if you are in need, but it is always a good idea to first be prepared to help yourself when you have a blown tire or other emergencies. When it comes to triathlon training and more specifically the bike portion, having the right equipment for competition and safety is crucial for success.