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Coaches offer all sorts of different training packages options for athletes. Some offer one session, some offer 10, and some offer packages designed for more consistent training. On my coaching profile, for example, I offer a 3-month plan (25 session package).

This may seem like a lot of sessions to buy at once, and a big commitment, but the reason I offer this size package is simple: in track & field (and all sports), ongoing training on a regular basis works better than one or two sessions.

In track & field, you need technical instruction, but you also need conditioning. These improvements are accumulative.

An athlete who trains a few days one week, does nothing the next week, and so on, will not make any serious improvement.  It’s best to train consistent over a season long period.

That means consistency and dedication via week to week workouts over months.

In track & field, there are four seasons, and each season lasts approximately three months.

1. Fall Training

Fall training consists of no meets; just preparation for the indoor season, and this is when a large portion of athletic improvements occur.

When I was a college coach, we started training in the fall semester in September and trained three months before the first meet.

This dedicated training resulted in many athletes reaching personal bests by the beginning of the indoor season.

The reality is, one week of training before your first meet doesn’t work–you need a preseason training plan. It takes consistency and development. Ask yourself how many high school kids sit around in September through November doing nothing, waiting for indoor track to start? This is one of the best times to hone skills, do conditioning, and be a step ahead once team practices commence in December.

2. Indoor Season

Once competitions start, the athletes still need to train on a weekly basis in order to: 

  • Not lose what they’ve gained from preseason training and stay sharp
  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Continue to develop
  • Rehearse meet-specific challenges
3. Outdoor Season

Outdoor season training involves many of the same factors as indoor season:

  • Adaptation to variations on events
  • Continued fitness/development

Late season championships are routinely the most prestigious in the school year if one is on a university or high school program.

4. Summer Season

Summer season this the most free-wheeling and fun time to training. The athletes are not in school, so they have more time to train; the weather is great; it’s light out until nearly 9pm which leaves various options for training schedule; the athlete and coach can pick and choose competitions.

Performance levels are usually best in the summertime because of higher temperatures and having the sharpness of the athlete following the previous seasons. Many athletes will join up with a club on meet day and get into relays too.

What Does a 3-Month Package Entail for an Athlete? 

The athlete needs to be with the coach in person 2 or 3 days per week. In-person coaching is hands-on coaching in either a small group or in a 1-on-1 session.  The athletes do not. however. need to be with the coach every day. There are workouts the coach can design for them for ‘on your own’ sessions, and these are important for two reasons.

The first reason is that ‘on your own’ workouts are not super technical–they are for general fitness and recovery. The second reason is that athletes need to be self-motivated. If an athlete is not willing to do 2 or 3 training days on their own, they are not serious enough. If a person wants to try a season training package, they might as well be dedicated for 3 months to test the waters of ongoing training. 

Why Should You Pay?

It’s simple–you get what you pay for.

Because a coach’s time is valuable, and if the coach is dedicated to you, they are giving you the product that you need to be better. A coach is there to steer you from mistakes and guide you on a more efficient path to your objectives.

Not every coach is right for every athlete. However, the only way to find out is to give the coach a full attentive season to work with you. At the end of a season, if you see the improvements you want, you’ll be pleased. If you just expect to attend 1 or 2 sessions and end up a state champion–it’s just unrealistic.

One last, but equally important reason for paying for training is that you are investing in yourself. An athlete who pays for sessions will take training seriously because they are invested. 


You are only young once. There is a small window of opportunity to compete at your best, and to even compete at all.

Do you want to make the best out of the time you have in that era of your lifetime? What would you rather spend your money on? Hair and nails? Going to clubs? Vacations? (These things are all fun and, by all means, you should do them if they are your priority).

But many people will argue they don’t have enough in their budget to afford $995 for a 3-month training package. That’s absolutely true for some people, but for many, it depends on what you how you want to spend your money.

What are your priorities? If it’s becoming an elite track & field athlete, you have to commit to consistent training.

At the end of the summer, add up your spending, and figure out if you could have afforded that coaching payment. Ask yourself “Did I really need to spend on recreational things or luxuries? Or could I have sacrificed some of them and gave it a full shot for a few months in a sport?”

And what’s the worst that happens? You spent your money to try something with full commitment, and you learn if you have potential or not–if you do or you don’t, then you’ve made a discovery about yourself.  You’ll never really know until you attempt training completely, for a reasonable amount of time. A full season training package is a reasonable amount of time.

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