Tracking Your Progress

 How long does it take to see results once you begin working out or training? It’s a complicated question that many athletes and trainers find challenging to answer. 

The best way to determine whether or not your workouts are productive is to set trackers along the way to your ultimate goal. These incremental milestones will allow you to gauge if you’re headed in the right direction or if you need to alter your routines. In addition, these measurements can be readjusted once you accomplish your initial major athletic goals. Try using the following measurements in order to track progress for your specific athletic goals. 

Jump Rope

You can use the jump rope to measure lower body strength, endurance and quickness. After warming up, time yourself to see how long you can jumprope at a moderate speed; this will be your starting point for which you will set your goal. The longer you’re able to perform this exercise, the stronger and quicker you’re becoming. 

Weighted Squats

Performing squats is my favorite lower body exercise because it’s the perfect way to engage multiple muscles at once. This exercise will give you more power/explosiveness along with increased overall strength. After warming up, try performing a set of fifteen weighted squats. Give yourself about a thirty second rest and try another set and continue this process for up to four sets. This will give you an idea of your starting point. From here, try increasing the weight and reducing the reps. The more you can squat, the stronger and more powerful you are. 


The forty and sixty yard dashes have become a standard for athletes as coaches and scouts use this measurement to determine the speed of an athlete. After warming up, mark off cones for twenty, forty or sixty yards. Have a coach or trainer time your dash – this will be your speed measurement. After consistent speed training, test how fast you are becoming every week or two in order to see if you are inching closer to your goals
Progress is the usually the ultimate goal in any type of training. Knowing how to measure your progress will give you a game plan moving forward towards your goals. It’s reassuring and motivating once you realize that you’re moving in the right direction. You’ll also have the opportunity to adjust your training if you’re not seeing progress and even set new goals once your previous ones are attained. Before starting any workout, be sure your coach or trainer has measurements for your success. 

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