The Little Things

The primary focus of any training regimen is a combination of the type of drills and the level of intensity involved. With all the planning and attention that goes into these factors of a workout, be careful not to overlook a few of the little things that can have the greatest impact on your workout.


Many athletes often neglect the importance of hydration. Our blood is over 90% water and our muscles are over 70% water. Having adequate amounts of fresh water running through our systems keeps our bodies running at optimal levels. Dehydration decreases your athletic performance and can even be fatal in extreme cases. Be sure to keep yourself consistently hydrated with plenty of fluids before, during and after training sessions.


As a young athlete, I couldn’t stand warming up before practice and even competitions. I complained that it was boring and that it risked getting me tired prior to competition.

Warming up is the most important part of every workout because it is during this process that you prepare your body for the task ahead.

You slowly start to increase your heart rate and your muscles loosen up with added temperature. This prep work reduces the possibility of injury and increases your range of motion. Make sure to properly warm up before every training session.

Stretching may be the most overlooked part of any exercise. It provides flexibility and strength for our muscles, two factors that are responsible for the optimal for our physical health. Nearly all training requires intense pressure to be placed on muscles and joints; an increased range of motion will reduce the risk of injury and increase your overall athletic performance. Incorporate an extensive stretching routine before and after each workout. Also, try stretching for a few minutes in the morning and evening for added flexibility.

Athletic training places a great deal of pressure on our bodies. The regular intake of fluids helps circulate blood and oxygen throughout our system, which is essential during workouts. Preparing your body for training by warming up and stretching drastically diminishes the possibility of injury and exponentially maximizes athletic achievement.

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