The Line of Scrimmage War

The game of football begins and ends at the line of scrimmage. Whoever consistently wins the battle in the trenches will likely determine the victor in each game.
This matchup features the strongest players on the field. Swim moves, stunts, rips and speed rushing collide with chop blocks, pulls and zone blocking. Power and aggression combined with arm placement and footwork create a recipe of excitement amongst the beasts that fight every down in the trenches.

The blockers up front dictate the success of all offenses. If the offensive line cannot move defenders, it is nearly impossible to effectively run the ball, even with a skilled back. If the line struggles with pass protection, the quarterback does not have time to deliver the ball accurately.

The same holds true for defense. Exceptional play from the secondary and linebackers provided little help if the defensive line is getting pushed back into the second level. The lack of pass rush allows a quarterback time to pick apart a sound defensive group.

Every coach should game plan around this basic understanding of the sport. Preparation at the initial point of attack can optimize the potential for success on both sides of the ball. Coaches that focus on offensive line blocking and pressure on the defensive front equip their teams with the basic foundations of winning every game.

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