3 Tennis Tips for Your Forehand

[embedit snippet=”tennis-tip-forehand-video”]  Want to have a power shot on the court? Check out these tennis tips for your forehand. My forehand is a strong shot that at the right time, I can use as a weapon on the tennis court. Although I hate to admit it, because I do have a decent shot, I still need more forehand training. My elbow is not always right, and I cannot always get the ball where it should go. When it comes to match time, that can’t be the case. Eventually, after enough tennis training, you should be able to aim where your shot is going to go. However, before that, getting the basics down of a swing is key. Your forehand, can be your secret weapon, so let’s make it perfect. Here are few things to help the mechanics of your forehand to be more consistent during matches:

  1. To make sure you have optimum control of the racquet, you have to have the right grip. Position and grip the racquet using the palm to control as if the racquet face is an extension of your palm.
  2. The goal is to be hitting the ball out in front, so making sure you elbow does not fall behind your body when swinging will help to eliminate hitting the ball late. Aim to have your elbow a little out in front of your body.
  3. Your swing should be one swift motion, and transitioning to it from the ready position should feel natural and fluent. From the ready position move your forearm so that you can make a letter C with the racquet when you swing. This will let you dip the racquet to get more head speed on the ball.

When your are playing in a match or even at practice, unless you are a professional, you are not going to be able to detect when the mechanics of your forehand swing need improvements. It takes a keen eye, to help with the adjustments. If you are like I am 95% of the time, you feel your forehand is good enough, and you would rather spend time on a different stroke, like your backhand. For a real athlete, good enough is not going to cut it.You can always get better, and you can always improve. Just think about Maria Sharapova or Roger Federer, they never stop training, and working with coaches to be the best they can be, and the very best player that is stepping onto the court. A tennis coach during one on one training can focus and help make little tweaks and give you tennis tips that will make you swing like the pros.

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