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Join the March DADness Tourney Challenge sponsored by CoachUp

It is finally here. March Madness has finally arrived. No matter how much you enjoy the college basketball regular season, March Madness is always highly anticipated. In my opinion it is the greatest sports tournament on the planet. Ever! March Madness creates college basketball legends, and college basketball legendary moments. This year CoachUp is bringing March Madness to you on a whole new level!

CoachUp + March Madness = AWESOMENESS!

First, check out this March Madness infographic with some very interested college basektball facts. Make sure to use it to show your friends how much you know about college basketball. In addition, CoachUp is sponsoring a bracket challenge and giving a weekly prize to those who really know basketball and can show it by the results of their tourney bracket. The theme of the bracket challenge should hit home with the sports parents, especially the dads.

Winning it all as a parent

As I strive to be the best sports parent, and best dad I can be, I enjoy growing with those who are on that journey with me. I’ve written a new eBook with some of my best content geared toward helping dads become better. What does this book have to do with March Madness? It has everything to do with it, because the journey of a dad is very similar to the journey of a team completing during March Madness. There is a huge goal for both. There is a lot of work, many ups, and many downs.  Not everyone reaches their goal. But for everyone, lifelong memories are created.

March DADness the book

This inspiration led me to write my book, March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood. The book is available on my website for free, when you join the March DADness Bracket Challenge sponsored by CoachUp. March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood by Jackie Bledsoe | CoachUp.com Not only will you receive some very valuable action items to help your relationship with your kids, you’ll also get to show off your knowledge of college hoops by completing a bracket and competing with other sports parents. (Respectful trash talk within the group is allowed. In fact, it may be encouraged.)

Enter and win private coaching

What is really cool is CoachUp is giving away private coaching certificates each weekend of the tournament. So, if you know a little something about college basketball, it can turn into some private coaching for you, or your kids. So, are you a championship dad? Can you create a winning bracket? Then join CoachUp, other parents, and athletes for the March DADness Bracket Challenge.

Join the 2014 March DADness Bracket Challenge

Click here for details. When you sign up you’ll receive access to our group’s bracket challenge,  a chance to win private coaching gift certificates, and my new eBook, March DADness: Preparing Dads to Make a Championship Run in Fatherhood. Who are you picking to win it all this year? Men’s and Women’s? Join the challenge, complete your bracket, then come back to this post and share in the comment section. Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.  is a sports parent of three, and writes on sports parenting. He has played sports for over 30 years, including the collegiate level, and coached youth sports for the past eight years.  

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