Whether you are heading to the tennis court to play singles or doubles, you can create an incredible advantage over your opponents by implementing the serve and volley technique. Coaches all around the world focus on teaching their players the importance and technique of serving and volleying. This is one of the most useful tools to advance your game and your movement to the net. In order to be a smart tennis player, you must be versatile and surprise your opponent by adding new gears to your game. The strategy of the serve and volley is an ideal way to conserve your energy between long rallies. Next time you’re out on the court with a coach getting tennis lessons or with friend, give it a shot!


The Serve:


The toss of the serve needs to propel the serve forward, and be out in front of you. After leaning into the court and landing on your feet after the serve, take quick 1, 2, 3, small steps in the direction of the net. Try to make your serve wide towards the corner of the service box to drive your opponent off of the court. This way, after they hit the ball back, you have an opening or ability to hit a clean drop shot. Tip: It is common for players to focus too much on thinking about the second shot rather than concentrating on the mechanics of your serve. A better set up with less grip tension and a better tossing motion, will allow you to be in a better position to place your serve.


The Run:


Immediately after the serve, you must rush the net instead of jogging. If you have ever watched Pete Sampras play tennis, you have seen the perfect example of the serve and volley. Sampras makes a hard serve that propels him forward, lands on his right foot, takes two steps forward and splits to set him up for the next ball. When you serve and volley, you do not get yourself all the way up to the net before you return your opponent’s next ball. Tip: Make sure you are cutting to the service line with quick efficient steps and continue moving forward after you hit the first volley.


The Volley:


Your split step should be done by separating your feet and turning your body sideways towards the ball. Make sure you time your spit step with your opponents contact point with the ball. The grip used when hitting a volley is typically a continental grip, for both forehand and backhand volleys. Step forward when you hit your volley and make sure you are not swinging or giving it too much power for it to go out of the court. Tip: In order to hit a clean volley, make sure you are in the correct ready position with your tennis racquet up!

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