Super Bowl Commercial Workout Challenge

It’s Super Bowl week and for many folks, that means parties and heaps of snacks. Chips and dips, chicken wings, and your drink of choice is the norm on Super Bowl Sunday. It comes at a challenging time of the year each go around, as many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to improve upon our diets and exercise routines. Super Bowl Sunday falls on the sixth week of the year, and there are surely plenty of us already hitting a wall with resolutions (myself included).

Rather than seeing the Super Bowl as a black hole, sucking you down to the pits of old habits and a force derailing you from your goals, use this year to flip the script and take on the CoachUp Super Bowl commercial workout challenge!

In 2020, the Super Bowl featured 70 commercials that spanned 46 total minutes of airtime, comprised primarily of 30-second segments. In those terms, taking the ad campaign of the Super Bowl and turning it into guidelines for a workout seems entirely realistic. Use the parameters below to turn your Super Bowl viewing into an opportunity to get your body moving!

Super Bowl commercial workout challenge rules

Jumping jacks for every car commercial
Ads for vehicles are some of the most popular on Super Bowl Sunday, so mix in the best full-body movement for each of them. Work up a sweat by hitting jumping jacks for the length of each car ad!

Crunches for every entertainment ad
Netflix, Nintendo, movie trailers, and the like. Doing crunches for these ads will allow you to see what the biggest entertainment companies have planned for the upcoming year all while getting a good burn on your core!

Pushups for food commercials
You’ve decided to take over this time for yourself. Whether it’s 10, 20, or pushups for the entirety of the ad, strengthen your chest and arms rather than ordering a DoorDash during food ads!

Lunges for tech company ads
Intel, Apple, and Intuit typically splurge on commercial space during the Super Bowl. Use their full time slots to tone up your legs!

Planks for cell provider commercials
T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are constantly at war to win over customers and spend big bucks for the big game. Mix in variations of the classic plank to touch on your full core throughout these breaks!

Some commercial breaks will be tougher than others, with these types of ads getting stacked together, but you will have plenty of time for breaks while soaking up the action of the game! Join us in building up a sweat and earning a burn during the CoachUp Super Bowl commercial workout challenge this Sunday!

Super Bowl Party

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