Squash is one of the fastest growing sports and high school programs are popping up across the country. Squash is a racquet based sport liketennis or racquetball. Before young athletes can go out on the court, they need to get squash racquets. Additionally, every player needs the proper shoes and safety goggles to play. If you or your child is hoping to get into this fun and exciting sport, make sure you know what to look for when you are buying squash equipment.

Racquet: Just like tennis, there is no “best squash racquet”. Picking a squash racquet comes down to playing style and preference. Obviously, if you are only learning how to play the sport, it can be difficult to decide which type of racquet you prefer. You should try out different racquets before making any purchases. Most squash clubs have spare racquets that you can borrow and test out. Don’t buy yourself a racquet until you’ve gotten a hang of the game while using different spare racquets. Usually you’ll be able to see which racquets you prefer because you will play better with some than others! These racquets will not be top of the line, but you don’t need an expensive racquet when you are still getting a hang of squash. After you have played with a few different racquets, find a racquet shop and speak with employees about their different options. If you give them the name of the racquet that you liked the most, they will be able to match you with the same racquet or a similar one. As a beginner, you shouldn’t spend too much money on the racquet: If you become serious about the sport you can always upgrade to a nicer racquet. Look for racquets that are under $60.

Goggles: Goggles are something that new squash players often don’t consider. Squash goggles are not required at all clubs, but they are highly recommended. Squash is played on a very small court and the ball can move incredibly quickly. Eye injuries are an occupational hazard for squash players, but goggles are the easy solution. To choose the right pair of squash goggles, try them out for fit and make sure you can wear them comfortably while you play.

Squash Shoes: Every squash player needs good squash shoes to succeed in the sport. Squash involves quick turning, pivoting, sliding, and acceleration. You won’t be able to operate on the court if you don’t find the perfect pair of shoes. Squash shoes range from minimalist slip ons all the way to sneakers with high ankle support. If you are converting to squash from tennis, you can most likely use your tennis shoes to play. The only requirement for the shoes is that they don’t have dark soles. However, there are many shoes specially designed for the sport. The best have large rubber soles to maximize grip, but the most important factor is the shoes’ fit

Squash is a sport that combines, agility and power with technique and strategy. It’s incredibly unique and a great activity for athletes of all ages. Once you have found all the right equipment, you will be able to develop into a true squash player.

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