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Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right

Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right

The New Year was just about a week ago, but now that we’ve all had some time to think about our resolutions and goals for 2016, let’s rewind for a crucial half hour podcast. Sports Illustrated hosts a weekly podcast called This is Your Brain on Sports featuring their executive editor Jon Wertheim and Tufts University psychology professor Sam Sommers, and they tackled Youth Sports on their last episode.

In an episode called “Youth sports resolutions for coaches, parents and players,” Megan Bartlett of Up2Us Sports gives her advice on everybody’s favorite hot-button topic. All in all, it’s a brilliant addition to the conversation and something that everybody, no matter your role in youth sports, should take with them daily.

Bartlett concludes that coaches need to realize that the majority of their young athletes will not go professional, so their perspectives must change entirely. From there, they discuss the concept of asking more questions and how they, instead of yelling, anger, and demands, can go a long way towards growth and improvement. The entire podcast dives into those topics and more, including a section about sports parents as well!

Ultimately, the podcast is only a half hour long, so you can easily listen to it on your way home from work or while you’re making dinner tonight. If you’re a sports parent or coach, there’s no excuse for not listening to this wonderful source of information and advice. These are the type of conversations we as a community need to be having each and every day so this is an important start.

Again, you can find the entire podcast right here — but we highly advise subscribing to the entire podcast as well — it’s one of our favorites! Together, we can make 2016 our best year yet — how will you get there?

Sports Illustrated — This is Your Brain on Sports

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