Coach Spotlight Series: Mark Phillips on Building Relationships with Athletes

Coach Spotlight Series: Mark Phillips on Building Relationships with Athletes

We’re back with an early week Spotlight, this time on Mark Phillips, one of CoachUp’s oldest and most reliable coaches on the platform. For years, Coach Mark has made a living alongside us by offering fair, honest coaching while also creating long-lasting relationships that keeps athletes coming back for more. Coach Mark is walking proof that great coaching can change the projections of athletes both new and old. In the spirit of our usual spotlights, we chatted with Coach Mark, but gave him a new set of questions for a fresh perspective on his success with CoachUp and beyond.

Mark Phillips CoachUp Spotlight

CU: Why do so many of your clients continue to rebook with you?

MP: Many of my clients continue to rebook with me because they simply see improvement after each lesson. I think that’s in thanks to my focused and individualized attention that comes with private coaching. My ability to connect with athletes and communicate with them the steps they need to take to achieve their goals is ultimately key as well. Most, if not all, of my clients haven’t tried private coaching prior to working with me. Usually after the first lesson, my clients have a new perspective on the game and an increased appreciation for private coaching in general because of the CoachUp service. My experience in private coaching lessons during high school allows me to relate with my clients who have struggled with many of the same issues that I had when I was their age. Overall, my clients appreciate my background as a player which has influenced my coaching style and positive demeanor during lessons.

CU: How often do you follow up with former clients? How do you ask clients to rebook?

MP: I try not to be too overbearing when it comes to following-up with former clients. In order to do so, you must keep in mind their needs and schedule before reaching out to them. Beyond the notifications CoachUp send to former clients, a kind, personal reminder or two through either CoachUp or email almost always generates a response — especially if they’ve had a great experience with me.

CU: Do you use custom packages for rebooking clients? Do you offer discounts to rebooking clients?

MP: Currently, I do not use custom packages for rebooking clients. I am always open to discussing discounts, but have yet to encounter a client who did not agree with my pricing. In general, I do offer generous discounts for multiple sessions (3, 5, and 10) and group packages, so many of my clients take advantage of while rebooking with me.

CU: How do you approach clients when they are on their last session?

MP: Many of my clients know when it’s their last session, so I rarely have to bring it up with them. When I do, I typically broach the subject in-person after their last session and let them know my future availability. Additionally, I find that discussing all of the drills and skills we covered in previous lessons helps to bring it all together. I try to convey how much I have enjoyed working with them and my hope to continue training in the future. It’s important not to approach it like a used car salesman would and attempt to convince them to rebook. It’s honestly most effective when you let the benefits of private coaching and the CoachUp platform speak for themselves. When an experience like this is good, most don’t need to be convinced of its value.

CU: What do you say to clients who don’t want to rebook using CoachUp?

MP: This has never really been an issue with any of my clients, but in the rare circumstance when one asks if we can continue without using the CoachUp platform, I point out the benefits to me (injury waiver, liability insurance, scheduling, and payment tools, etc.), and to them (session feedback, training notifications, CoachUp Mobile App, etc.). Once I make clear the benefits of using the CoachUp platform, clients understand how the service allows me to focus on what’s most important: their training and improvement!

CU: What is your #1 reason for keeping clients on the platform?

MP: My #1 reason for keeping clients on the CoachUp platform is how much the service simplifies the entire private coaching process. From connecting with potential clients, to scheduling sessions and handling payment transactions, everything is made easy for coaches. These benefits allow me to put all of my energy into my lessons instead of handling my scheduling or payments with less guaranteed success. So, in the end, everybody wins!

Thank you, Mark! If you’re ready to take your coaching game to Another Level, head over here to apply with us or check out our Help Center for Tips & Tricks on  Growing Your Business! Good luck!

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