Seasoned Trainers Beware

If you’re an experienced trainer like myself, you can arrive at a point in your career in which you feel like you have mastered your craft. Years of experience, hundreds or thousands of athletes and countless hours have given you confidence and expertise in your respective sport, and you have established and committed to your coaching philosophy. This is a dangerously delicate situation to be in, and one risks making grave mistakes that will negatively impact the future of their training career.

Fixed/Rigid Mentality

The most fragile state for a trainer to be in is when he/she gets stuck in their ways. The lack of flexibility in their approach limits their overall effectiveness and efficiency. Over time, clients begin to lose confidence in trainers that do not adjust their methods to fit their needs. Learn how to adjust your cookie cutter mentality by thinking outside of the box and realizing that there are often multiple ways to reach your athletes’ goals.

Athletes Are Unique

There are core elements that must be present in nearly every training session, and each individual athlete should have their own personalized training regimen. If you’re an experienced trainer, you can get into a generic routine with athletes that you feel works with everyone. However, every athlete is unique, so workout sessions should be structured around goals that have been established by both you and your athlete. Just because a particular drill worked effectively with another athlete, it doesn’t mean the same will be true for the next.

Comparing Athletes

After years of training, you have most likely been fortunate enough to work with some talented athletes. These athletes are your pride, joy and proof that your training is successful. Regardless of whether their success is a result of your efforts, you consider yourself a key factor in shaping that athlete. Keeping in mind that the average athlete you train will not always reach certain achievements, refrain as much as possible from comparing your athlete in a condescending manner to current clients who may be more advanced or even former successful athletes. This can seriously demoralize an athlete and be detrimental to their future training. 

It is incredibly satisfying as a trainer to have multiple athletes reach the goals that they have set forth. Each new client and every workout session provides the opportunity for growth as a trainer. In order to stay on track as a trainer and remain the best you can be for your athletes, remember to clearly communicate, have a positive attitude and stay objective.

There is a lot more to being a trainer than working out an athlete.

Every action that is taken should be in the best interest of the client. Do not let your pride or preconceived notions sidetrack your judgement. In the end, all trainers want the same thing- the success of their athlete.

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